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Glorious Summoner Chapter 191

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"reporting to the king, Bian Que brought to..."

Across a bead curtain, Xia Pingan stood outside the house, looking at the situation in the house , The waiter who came here with Xia Pingan announced loudly outside the bead curtain.

"Let Bian Que come in..." Qin Martial King raised his hand on the bed and said weakly.

The two guards standing outside the bead curtain lifted the bead curtain and let Xia Pingan into the room.

As soon as he entered the room, Xia Pingan felt two cold eyes falling on him. The owner of that eyes was not tall, in his forties, and dressed in dark. Long robe, a few strands of long beard, a high mountain crown on his head, a pair of triangular eyes squinted, looking at himself.

Behind this person, there are a few imperial doctors standing neatly, and they are also looking at themselves curiously.

There is only one person who has never seen him before, but is hostile to him, and that is Qin Dynasty’s imperial physician Ling Li.

Xia Pingan even knew that as long as he saw Qin Martial King later, Li Xi would pick bones in the egg next to him, and threatened Qin Martial King, saying that Bianque’s medical skills are not good, Bianque Seeing a doctor for Qin Martial King might treat Qin Martial King as deaf and blind.

Xia Pingan had a few thoughts flashing in her mind, she had come to Qin Martial King, gave a salute, "Bian Que has seen the King!"

"No gift!" Qin Martial King still said weakly. He looked at Xia Pingan's eyes, but he was straightforward, "Widow heard that you walked all over the world, with medical skills, that the Crown Prince of the kingdom is dead, you can save it, and let it be He came back from the dead, this medical technique is amazing!"

"Reporting to the king, Bian Que dare not take credit. The Crown Prince of the Guo Kingdom is not dead, but just suffering from the corpse syndrome, suspended animation, so I can He is rescued, if he really dies, no matter how great the ability is, there is nothing I can do!" Xia Pingan said modestly.

At the time when I saved the Crown Prince of Guoguo and let Bianque's name spread to various countries, I heard Xia Pingan say so, without boasting, that Qin Martial King had a two-point spirit and a little more confidence in Xia Pingan. , "Well, you see if the widow’s current disease can be cured!"

"I need to get the pulse for the king..."

"Okay, come and get the pulse!" Qin Martial King slightly smiled, extend the hand, and several attendants standing next to him quickly took a silk pillow and placed it on Qin Martial King's hand.

Xia Pingan walked over, sat down, gently put her hand on the veins of Qin Martial King, and looked at it with Divine Eyes moved towards Qin Martial King.

Just taking a look at this one, Xia Pingan was shocked.

Before coming, Xia Pingan thought that Qin Mart

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