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Glorious Summoner Chapter 195

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The so-called boldness of execution stems from superb skill, Xia Pingan has been using Illusion Technique just now to hide under the shadow of the tree not far from Sun Hao, watching Sun Hao and those People talk.

Those Bounty Hunters who chased him, after losing their target, thought he was hiding. From start to finish I don’t know what they were chasing after was just an illusion under the Secret Art of the "War of the Beacon", those People who return here are naturally more impossible to know that Xia Pingan is here.

When Xia Pingan came here and became hidden, the roles of him and Sun Hao had already been reversed.

Before, Sun Hao was a hunter and he was a prey, but now he is a hunter and Sun Hao is a prey.

On the dark street, it was quiet.

When he saw Xia Pingan walk out of the shadows, Sun Hao hadn't died yet. Although he was completely unable to move, his heart was undoubtedly desperate and fearful.

Because Sun Hao could see that the expression on Xia Pingan's face was too calm, as if nothing had happened.

It was this that made Sun Hao feel sincerely afraid.

Sun Hao wanted to blink, to speak, to pray, to promise conditions, but unfortunately he couldn’t do it. He could only stare at him and watch Xia Pingan walk in front of him. .

"It’s just because of a Thousand Fantasy Boy’s world bead, it was made like this, which is really unexpected!" Xia Pingan calmly walked in front of Sun Hao, "Before at Tianyuanqiao Night Market, You want to buy, in fact, at that time, don't be so lame, don't be so as it should be by rights, as it should be by rights, as it should be by rights. The boy’s world bead is sold to you. After all, I really need money now. At that time, you can give out 1000 Gold Coins. I will really be moved. For me, this thousand fantasy boy’s world bead is not at this moment. It’s indispensable. With money, I can buy other world beads..."

Xia Pingan said, gently shook the head, "Maybe it’s Sun Young Master. Rich and powerful, I have lost the ability to communicate with others normally. When encountering things, I always want to take advantage of the situation to suppress and deceive others, and I always want to use your relationship to make others yield. You may enjoy this kind of taking advantage of one's position. The thrill of to bully people, unfortunately, you met me and forced a purchase to be impossible. You used the police to arrest me. Now you directly use Bounty Hunter and want my life. I am very curious now. How do you know where I live? "

Xia Pingan said, extend the hand, and press it on Sun Hao’s neck. Sun Hao, whose whole body is frozen, feels that his throat and head are slowly warming up, and he can talk. Yes, but he can do nothing but talk.

Sun Hao’s teeth were trembling, and he said in a trembling voice, "Don’t...Don’t kill me..."


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