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Glorious Summoner Chapter 194

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"Garbage, waste, even a group of pigs are more useful than you, what do you do for so many people..." Sun Hao almost went crazy, his face twisted and his eyes fired. Pointing to the two Bounty Hunters standing in front of him, "More than 20 summoners, 8 warriors, and more than 40 policemen are assisting you. I have already told you where he is. You can actually let that person run away. Now, are you pigs? With so many people, even one person can't be caught. That person is just a summoner in the One Yang state?"

Sun Hao almost burst his lungs with anger.

In order to lock the target, he has spent a lot of money tonight, and invited these Bounty Hunter squad over, he spent a lot of money, more than two thousand Gold Coins were smashed out, and it turned out to be Not even a single piece of hair was caught.

Just for the world pearl of a thousand fantasy boy?

Sun Hao has already regretted it a little. Up to now, the resources and price he has paid for the Thousand Fantasy Child Realm Orb have far exceeded the value of the Realm Orb. The key is that he paid So much is still in vain.

This kind of fueling investment doesn't seem to be much at first, but as the follow-up continues to invest, the final result can make people feel trembling.

Sun Hao feels that he is already if you ride a tiger, it's hard to get off, just like a fish on a hook. The funny thing is that he took the initiative to jump on the hook and bite it. Biting deeper and deeper, now that fish hook is stuck in his throat, making him unable to swallow and vomit, which is extremely uncomfortable.

Tonight's movement was a bit big. The police shot a lot just now, which alarmed many people. Someone has already called the police.

For the whole night, neither Jiezhu nor the people have been caught, so he still has to figure out how to deal with the aftermath.

When he thought of this, Sun Hao felt that his throat was about to smoke.

But until this time, Sun Hao didn't think it was his own problem. All the faults belonged to the guy who ran away. If that guy knows better at the night market, don't make yourself embarrassed. , Then there won't be so many things behind.

Sun Hao hated him when he thought of Xia Pingan's cold eyes.

Under the shining of a roadside gas lamp, Sun Hao pointed to the shadow of a person, baring fangs and brandishing claws.

"Sun Young Master, we have tried our best. When we accepted the commission, you only said that the other party is a summoner of the One Yang Realm. You did not say that the person is a rune master because you did not know the details of the other party. , Concealed important information, which caused serious errors and omissions in our layout. Our team lost 3 warriors and 2 summoners. What is the plan of Young Master, the grandson of this account?"

Sun Hao pointed to

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