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Glorious Summoner Chapter 192

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Seeing that Xia Pingan's face remained unchanged and silent, everyone in the room looked at Xia Pingan's body.

"How is the widow's body?" Qin Martial King asked.

Qin Martial King asked that Li Xi's expression became even more nervous. Xia Pingan quietly swallowed when he saw Li Xi's throat slipping.

Xia Pingan let go of the hand that gave Qin Martial King's pulse, he groaned slightly, and glanced around without a trace, especially the bronze incense burner on the table next to Qin Martial King. I asked directly, "I don't know who was prescribing medicine for adults before?"

"I have been in the palace for many years. Before, I used to prescribe medicine for the king. The king has always been very good. , Do you have any questions?" Li Xi said directly, staring at Xia Pingan, aggressive, but looking a little bit nasty.

The king has always been good? Emphasis is a guilty conscience...

Xia Pingan has made up his mind, but at this time, he became more calm. He smiled and cupped the hands to Li Yan, "I don't know how this adult is called?"

"I am Li Xi, the emperor of Daqin!" Li Xi said proudly.

"Ah, it turned out to be the famous Master Li Xi. I just came to Daqin, and I heard that Master Li Xi has excellent medical skills. When I saw him today, the adults are really extraordinary!" Xia Pingan said with a smile.

Li Xi's eyes flashed with a strange color. He originally thought that Xia Pingan would be blamed, but looking at Xia Pingan's expression and attitude, it seemed that he was not trying to trouble him, nor did he find Qin Martial King. This made Li Xi feel a little relaxed, but Li Xi still had a reserved expression, and said with a gun and a stick in his words, "It's easy to say, I'm in the palace all the year round, and there are few places to go, and it's no better than Bian. Magpie, you can travel around the countries and have contact with that many common people. I heard that you used to be a head of a house in Bohai County, but for some reason you suddenly became a doctor?"

This is what Li Xi said. On the surface, he was asking, but in fact he was still belittling Bian Que's identity.

"I am studying medicine halfway, and naturally there are still many things that I don’t understand. Master Li Xi is experienced and knowledgeable in the palace. I just have a question that I want to ask. Can Master Li Xi take a step! "

Li Xi used his nose coldly snorted, and walked in front of Xia Pingan with a proud face, and asked with his head held up, "What's the problem?"

"I don't know Master Li Yan Why do you want to poison the king?" Xia Pingan said, the room was shocked, everyone was shocked.

Li Xi's body trembled, and he almost softened, "You..."

Just as Xia Pingan said those words, at the moment when everyone was shocked, Xia Pingan had already picked up the coppe

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