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Glorious Summoner Chapter 193

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The black dragon was released when Xia Pingan left the apartment before. It was Xia Pingan's eyes outside the apartment, so he was prepared.

No one cares about a stray dog ​​in the street at night.

It is the Black Dragon, who has made a great contribution tonight, warning Xia Pingan at a critical moment.

In the apartment room, Xia Pingan had just experienced a wave of powerful divine force empowerment. Before he even had time to see the changes in the secret mandala, he felt the warning message sent to him by the black dragon.

In the darkness, Xia Pingan’s eyes opened suddenly, and the light flashed in his eyes. He suddenly flashed to the bedroom window, turned sideways, and slightly opened the corner of the curtain. Look downstairs.

There are no street lights on the street downstairs. In the darkness, there is a silhouette flashing, which has surrounded the exit of the apartment building.

On the outermost layer of the encirclement, Xia Pingan saw the police in the upper capital. A group of police blocked the two sides of the street outside the apartment and set up guns in the street.

The people in charge of encircling the apartment are swift and silent. They are all dressed in plain clothes or robes. I don’t know if it’s the policeman or the Bounty Hunter or the guards and bodyguards. Judging from the breath of those people, most of them Both are summoners.

Among those people, there are two summoners, one male and one female, wearing black cloaks. The aura of those two people is very strong, at least they are in the two-yang state.

When other people quietly surrounded the apartment, the two summoners stood behind them, seeming to be directing the crowd to move, and they were not impatient at all. One of the summoners also took out A light is lit-that light can detect divine force fluctuations around it.

Just a glance, fearing that those people would find out, Xia Pingan retreated to the room, and then from the sky outside the window, from the sky outside the window, the action of everyone below was condescending. Keep it in your eyes.

Are the following people coming for themselves?

To answer this question, it is very simple for Xia Pingan. He just recalled in his head the appearance of the two dog-legged bodyguards next to Young Master Sun that he met at the night market before, just In an instant, Xia Pingan's remote vision locked the position of one of the dog-legged bodyguards-under a big tree by the river more than 5,000 meters away from this apartment, two black carriages, the bodyguard, were parked. , Stands beside the carriage.

In addition to the bodyguard, the one surnamed Sun is also standing next to the carriage, talking to a man in a police uniform.

Sure enough, I came for myself.

Under the apartment building, as a summoner waved his hand,

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