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Glorious Summoner Chapter 188

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"Chief Qin She, this old man has been tired for days and felt cold in his body, so he has a fever and fainted. I have just prescribed three decoctions for him. These decoctions are tormented three times a day. For three days in a row, as long as he sweats, the old man’s wind and cold can be removed. After waiting for the wind and cold to be removed, let him rest for a few days, it should be no problem..."

Inside, Xia Pingan walked out of the room with the invited doctor. The doctor was in his fifties, surnamed Bai, carrying a medicine box, and was a famous doctor in the surrounding villages. Xia Pingan asked the people in the premises to use the carriage to invite him. Just after seeing Chang Sangjun, he was coming out of the room.

"Okay, besides taking medication and taking a break, what else should I pay attention to?" Xia Pingan respectfully asked.

"Well, the old man has a weak spleen and stomach these few days. It is better not to eat too much. It is best to drink only a little millet porridge. After the old man recovers, he will eat a little broth to make up. It should be no problem. That's it!"

"many thanks Doctor Bai!" Xia Pingan personally sent the doctor out of the premises, paid the podiatry fee, and asked Aniu to drive the carriage back to Doctor Bai.

Doctor Bai prescribed some ephedra, kudzu root, perilla leaves, parsnip, cassia twig, angelica dahurica and other medicines, which have been wrapped in grass leaves.

When she returned to the premises, Xia Pingan took the medicine to the kitchen and boiled the medicine for Chang Sangjun herself.

Pharmaceutical jars are standing items in the premises, and it is convenient to cook medicine.

The general manager of Bianque’s hotel has done a good job. This building is located in Bohai County and is very large. The entire building covers an area of ​​more than 20 acres. It is surrounded by a huge yard. Next to the road leading to the city, there are more than forty rooms. In addition to the head of Xia Pingan, there are also individuals in the premises, all of whom are Bian Que’s subordinates. They are responsible for the kitchen, stables, and guest rooms in the premises. , Bian Que, the head of the house, is responsible for keeping accounts and managing the premises.

Because Bian Que is loyal and intelligent, and he knows how to write. Although he is young, he has a lot of prestige in the premises. He has won the trust of the owner of the premises and has a thick Dao Body shirt to everyone in the premises, so Convinced by everyone, this building welcomes businessmen and travelers traveling from north to south every day, and the business is good.

"Ah, Mr. She, how do you come to the kitchen to cook medicine? I'll be fine..." Xia Pingan cooked the soup for a while, and Zheng, who was in charge of the kitchen, watched Xia Pingan

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