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Glorious Summoner Chapter 187

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It turns out that she was discovered a long time ago, but this woman was interested, knowing that she was under the car and brought herself out of Tianyuanqiao.

Xia Pingan put pressure on her hands and waist, and landed on both feet, and a beautiful iron bridge slid out from the bottom of the car and stood in front of a woman all at once.

Carriage parked under the street lamp on the side of the street. The light of the street lamp illuminates the square inch of the place where the woman is in the dark, just like a stage, giving that woman a radiant feeling in the dark .

The woman just got off the carriage. She was about thirty years old. She was wearing a purple-red dress, her eyebrows were picturesque, her skin was smooth as white porcelain, and her temperament was lazy and casual. He is sharp, holding an orange tabby cat in his hand, the hairpin on the woman’s hair, the necklace on the neck, and the two rings on the hand. They are all shining and shining. They are very valuable at first glance. Luxury.

The driver didn't say a word. He stood beside the carriage like a piece of wood. He was dull, and he got out of the car from the bottom of the car to Xia Pingan, as if he hadn't seen him.

Seeing Xia Pingan, the woman's eyes brightened and she covered her mouth and chuckled, "I thought it was some kind of hero who dared to provoke that surname Sun, it turned out to be a handsome little brother!"

"cough cough, many thanks, Mrs. Xuan just sent me off along the way!" Xia Pingan cupped the hands to the woman without being humble.

"The Tianyuanqiao night market was a bit chaotic just now. The Young Master of Sun Family was asking the police to find people everywhere. How did you get that surname Sun?"

"It's nothing, I I bought a world bead, and the one with the surname Sun took a fancy to it, and wants to snatch it from me, just take advantage of it to suppress others!" Xia Pingan shrugged, "I don't know what the background of the Young Master Sun is, please tell me. "

"It’s okay. Their Sun Family opened a Longxing Business Group, which specializes in shipping. They have some money. They also like to make friends with officials in the government. The second uncle of the Sun Young Master is The deputy inspector of the Qingyun District Police Station!"

No wonder the guy was so arrogant just now. He turned out to be rich in his family and had some official background, so he was so arrogant that even the police could drive him at will.

"so that's how it is, many thanks, Mrs. tells you!"

"Oh, isn't it, how can you thank me?" the woman asked.

This woman does not play cards according to common sense!

Xia Pingan slightly smiled and said frankly, "I think Madam doesn’t lack the Gold Coins on me. I want to take out the money, but it’s dirtying Madam’s kindness, just as I owe Ma

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