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Glorious Summoner Chapter 186

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The value of a boundary bead is closely related to the success rate and mortality rate of the summon of the boundary bead.

The world beads with the highest value are those that have a high success rate of fusion, low mortality, and great benefits after successful fusion.

Although Summon Thousand Fantasy Boys can break, but the risk and cost of wanting to integrate this bead is too great, and the success rate is low, so the price of Thousand Fantasy Boys’ Boundary Beads sold here is not not tall.

The divine sense crystal of Qianhuan Boys is even rarer and precious. Because of the special ability of Qianhuan Boys, this also makes Qianhuan Boys' divine sense crystals almost priceless and not available on the market. To.

The rough man knew this well, he offered 360Gold Coin to the world bead, but in fact he also left 10Gold Coin to bargain with customers.

Compared with Jiezhu, the most popular thing in this night market is the divine sense crystal.

The divine sense crystal is the key to open the gate of the world bead. Many summoners have the habit of looking for the corresponding world bead after having the divine sense crystal. This way, finding the world bead is more purposeful. It is more convenient and more efficient to integrate.

The divine sense crystals in this night market are much better sold than boundary beads, and the price is more expensive.

The price of the divine sense crystal of the "Sun Bin Racehorse" Xia Pingan took out is real.

The value of the divine sense crystal in the market is indeed higher than that of the two world beads, and it is also better to sell. There is no problem in cashing 500 Gold Coin in some shops and auction houses. The business is not at a loss.

The rough man was already a little moved. He looked at the divine sense crystal Xia Pingan took out, and said in a rough voice, stretching out his big hand, "Let me take a look at your divine sense crystal first. , Don’t fool me with fakes..."

"hahaha, brother can rest assured to check..." Xia Pingan smiled and passed the divine sense crystal in her hand.

The rough man took the divine sense crystal and looked at it, and found that it was indeed genuine. There was no problem. The man put away the divine sense crystal of Xia Pingan directly, and said simply, "Okay. , You can take these two world beads!"

Xia Pingan is also welcome, and put away the Bian Magpie world beads and the world beads of Fu Shenyang City.

Xia Pingan still has the 300 Gold Coin in his pocket. Xia Pingan is going to see if he can pick up something else here.

The only thing that made Xia Pingan didn't expect was that he had just turned around the booth, and before he had made five steps, the four men hurriedly came to the booth of the rough man just now.

Three of the four men are wearing black brocade r

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