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Glorious Summoner Chapter 185

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The night fell again, and thousands of houses in the upper capital were lit up.

Most people have worked hard for a day at this time and have returned home, but more people have come out when night falls.

"Tianyuanqiao Station is here...Passengers who are going to get off get off the bus quickly from the back door, don't delay time..." The auntie, the conductor on the tram, waved the bell on her hand and faced the inside of the car. The passenger shouted loudly.

The conductor's aunt's speech was a bit anxious, and the copper bell in her hand rang steadily, as if she was urging.

Hearing someone else’s with one's heart set on speeding home, Xia Pingan pulled on the collar, got up, and walked off the small bus train in a few steps, waiting for the person on the platform. An office worker also squeezed into the car quickly, the door of the small railroad train closed quickly, and quickly moved away from the steam.

Xia Pingan looks at Tianyuan Bridge.

There is no bridge at Tianyuan Bridge. Just one hundred meters away before he got off the bus, there is a tall stone archway with brilliant lights. The words Tianyuanqiao are written on the archway, that archway. Behind, there is a lively night market.

However, this night market is not open to ordinary persons, and there is no such kind of crowds as ordinary person night markets.

Most people who come to this night market are summoners, and there are also a small number of Three Sects in Beijing. Everyone comes here to exchange and sell various resources or information.

For ordinary people in the capital, these people are dangerous "people of the rivers and lakes", and naturally no one wants to join in this night market.

During the day, there are not many people in Tianyuanqiao Cold and Cheerless. Only at night will it become lively.

This is the first time Xia Pingan has come here for so many days in Beijing.

Since when Tianyuanqiao became a gathering place for summoners and various figures of the world, it is untestable. However, I heard that the police station in Shangjing City wanted to ban the Tianyuanqiao night market, but was caught by someone The great character prevented it-the banning of the Tianyuanqiao Night Market will not make the summoners and the figures in the capital give up trading and gathering. It will only allow them to get the transactions and gatherings underground, become more secretive, and keep Tianyuan Bridge, but better control.

Xia Pingan walked to the entrance of the night market, and under the torii of the entrance of the night market, there was a sign hanging beside the sign saying "Fair trade, harmony and wealth", standing next to the sign, two wearing black uniform waists The person who wears the black unicorn hat mask of a member of the ruling army and cannot see clearly. The hands of th

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