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Glorious Summoner Chapter 189

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"I don’t care. My horse was fine when it came. If something happens in your premises, your premises will be responsible. If you don’t compensate me for a good horse, I smashed your building, you believe or not..."

"Guest, you are unreasonable. If you dare to do something, you can see if you can go!"

"It costs money for me to stay here, and it also costs money for my horse to eat your forage. My horse fell in your stable. Who is responsible for it?"

"But our fodder is okay. If there is a problem, other horses will have trouble too!"

The horse fell in the hall. The guests who came were just like the guests, and there was a hall in the hall. The truth of the house, neither giving way to the other, the two sides are talking, the atmosphere is getting more and more intense, when Xia Pingan came to the stables, the guys in the house and the guests were big eyes staring at small eyes, almost It's about to fight.

"The head of the house is here..." The few guys who were arguing with the guests saw Xia Pingan coming, and they converged a little, but they also looked angry.

When those guests saw Xia Pingan coming, they immediately surrounded him, "You are the chief, my horse fell in your shop, what do you think?"


Xia Pingan came and asked the staff in the premises to withdraw, and then said to the guests, "Guests, don’t worry, some guests are staying with us. If it’s a problem with our premises, Our premises must be responsible for paying you a horse. Let me first see what happened to the guest’s horse..."

Seeing that Xia Pingan was calm and reasonable, the guests were not so irritable. Up.

Xia Pingan checked the forage in the stables. The forage was hay and bean husks. The content in every manger was the same, and the water in the manger was no problem.

"Aniu, what happened to this horse just now?"

Aniu was aggrieved, "I don’t know. I was looking after the stables here. The horse suddenly became mad, went around in the stables, kicked and bumped, and then the horse fell down. I just looked for a circle in the stables. There is no centipede poisonous snake in the stables, and neither is this horse. I was bitten, and I don’t know what’s going on..."

Look at the horse’s stiff limbs and foaming at the mouth after falling to the ground. Xia Pingan has determined that this horse should be sick.

It’s just that even if he knows that the horse is sick, Xia Pingan is not omniscient and omnipotent. He doesn’t know anything about the treatment of horse diseases and can’t do anything about it. It is much harder to find a doctor who treats people.

Just when Xia Pingan was unable to, Chang Sang Jun had quietly approached the stables, Chang Sang Jun looked at the horse that fell on the ground, and suddenly said, "President She can let me see this A horse?"

"Ah, Mr. Changsang is h

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