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Glorious Summoner Chapter 207

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Forget Chuan in Beitang?

The name Xia Pingan is so familiar, it doesn’t work if you don’t.

That is the Crown Prince of Dashang Country, the Zongbishop of the Dark War God Cult. In the entire upper capital, the entire Dashang Country, Beitang Wangchuan is the kind of figure standing on the peak of the pyramid. It is true Xia Pingan naturally knows the name Beitang Wangchuan, an under one person, an existence above ten thousand people.

didn't expect Blood Demon Religion actually wanted to attack the Crown Prince of Dashang Country.

The value of this news is too great.

Even sitting in the carriage, Xia Pingan's heart beats violently.

The meeting on the bilge of the Haiqin ship is still going on. What the person just said shocked the others in the meeting. There was a brief silence in the room.

"If Beitang Wangchuan is easy to kill, then why wait until now?" A person sitting opposite Tang Family Elder opened his mouth coldly, "Beitang Wangchuan is already a powerful five-sun realm Summoner, all of us here, I am afraid that none of us is the opponent of Beitang Wangchuan, even more how, powerhouse like forests around Beitang Wangchuan, I heard that there is also the Imperial Family of Qiyang Realm around Beitang Wangchuan that is dedicated to secret protection. How do you start this?"

"Yes, do those people who are really the ruling army eat dry food?" Another person next to him said, "Although our strength is not weak, but in Dashang Country, we must Admit it, they still have the upper hand!"

"Beitang Wangchuan will leave the capital city on May 15th next month and take an airship to the Northern Sea Port to participate in the launch of the new generals of the Dashang Country Navy. The ceremony and the subsequent fleet viewing ceremony. At that time, when the guards around Beitang Wangchuan were the weakest, Altar Master has made arrangements. When the time comes Altar Master will contain the Imperial Family worship around Beitang Wangchuan, you Those experts who are responsible for holding down the other guards and fleets around Beitang Wangchuan, then someone will be responsible for killing Beitang Wangchuan. This action is of great importance. Altar Master asks you to do your best, even if we expose ours. Part of the strength in Shangjingcheng and Dashang Country is also not hesitate..."

The talking man said as he moved his hand, he took out seven black crystals and handed them to the present. The rest of the people, one for each, "This is the task Altar Master has arranged for each of you. Let's take a look!"

The seven people each took a piece of black crystal and immersed their minds in the crystal. In just a few seconds of work, I understood the content and information in the crystal, and then crushed the black crystals one by one.

Even if Xia Pingan had a blessed child

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