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Glorious Summoner Chapter 205

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Waiting for the carriage on the small square outside Wuyou Building, there are already a few cars left, but there are still many queues. The number plate of Wuyou Building has just been called to the 16th

Looking at those carriages, Xia Pingan looked at the slices of ripe wheat, waiting for someone to harvest.

No, it's not waiting for someone to harvest, but these mature wheat will automatically run into other people's bowls.

Worry-free upstairs there is another person left. The handsome Tsing Yi young man walked out of the building and passed through the water pavilion in the yard. He was about to call people again.

Xia Pingan waited at the door. As soon as the Tsing Yi boy walked out the door, Xia Pingan stepped forward and stood in front of the Tsing Yi boy.

At this moment, a few dissatisfied eyes came from the carriages behind, all focused on Xia Pingan's back. However, the people in the carriage did not come down. The people who came here to find Master Shuiyue to interpret their dreams were all decent people. They would not yell and yell in the public. It is also because everyone knows that the Wuyou Building is rule-based and has no number. People with cards can't get in.

The gaze from the carriage is waiting for Xia Pingan to deflate.

"This little brother, please, is Master Shuiyue here?" Xia Pingan asked with a smile, and while talking, he extended the hand and gave the coquettish Tsing Yi Xiao The servant handed a Gold Coin.

The young man in Tsing Yi originally wanted to get angry, but when Gold Coin started to sink, the young man in Tsing Yi was in a better mood. This kind of high-roller who can give him a Gold Coin as soon as he meets It’s not easy to encounter here, and because of this, the Tsing Yi young man spoke a lot more politely, "This is the worry-free building of Master Shuiyue. If this Young Master wants a brand, he will come back at noon tomorrow. Master Shuiyue only accepts The guest with the card number!"

"Oh, so that's how it is, I came to Beijing for the first time. I heard that Master Shuiyue is very good at interpreting dreams. There is a secret technique to see other people’s dreams. I also want to come to Master Shuiyue for advice. I don’t know the origin of the secret technique that can see other people’s dreams. Can I learn it?"

It turned out to be a hillbilly?

The boy in Tsing Yi glanced at Xia Pingan again, and the corner of his mouth was picked up, and he said proudly, "The secret technique of Master Shuiyue is dreaming. If you want to master this secret technique, you It has to be a summoner, and at the same time, it must be able to successfully integrate a Dream Master Bead. The Dream Master Bead is not cheap, with thousands of Gold Coins at every turn. The Master of Water Moon became a Dream Master after integrating the Dream Master Bea

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