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Glorious Summoner Chapter 206

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Tang Family Elder followed the man wearing the ghost mask and walked towards the front of the passage at the bottom of the boat...

Originally sitting on the head of Tang Family Elder The Fushen boy on the top also looked at all around curiously.

Just when Xia Pingan was wondering what exactly this big ship looked like, the god of fortune had disappeared from Tang Family Elder’s head, and almost instantly appeared on the huge superstructure on this ship. On the chimney, Xia Pingan's entire field of vision shifted from the bottom of the ship to the highest point of the ship...

The sight that I saw made Xia Pingan startled.

This is a huge cruise ship of tens of thousands of tons. It is almost two hundred meters long. Four huge chimneys stand on the ship. At this moment, this huge cruise ship is slowly sailing on the Qin’an River. The cruise ship Brightly lit on the deck, with a string of colorful lights, Xia Pingan can also see the swimming pool on the upper deck of this cruise ship, where a lively dinner is being held, and countless well-dressed celebrities and ladies are drinking and chatting on the deck. There are also bands playing cheerful music...

This is the life scene of the upper class in Shangjing.

Sitting on a cruise ship, drinking and having fun on the sparkling Qin’an River, partying all night.

Blessed God boy body flashed, and he came to the carnival crowd on the deck below, stepping on the wine, cheese, and fruit plate on the table, jumping around on the table, from time to time in those long skirts. Shuttle around the beautiful women, occasionally pulling those beauties’ hair, kissing those beauties’ cheeks, or going directly under the beauties’ skirts...

Xia Pingan just wanted to give this blessing child Like, I feel that this Fushen boy is too smart. I know everything I want to see, but didn’t expect that in a blink of an eye, Xia Pingan realized that the Fushen boy actually likes to molest the beauties. With a look of intoxication.

No one on the deck noticed the arrival of the God of Fortune Boy.

Xia Pingan also saw the name of this cruise ship when the Fushen boy was shuttled among the beauties. The name of the cruise ship can be seen on the lifebuoy—the Haiqin cruise ship.

This is a big gain.

If the Tang Family Elder is from the Blood Demon Religion, this Haiqin cruise ship is definitely one of Blood Demon Religion’s strongholds in the capital, the owner and captain of the Haiqin, absolutely It has nothing to do with Blood Demon Religion.

This is a great achievement.

Xia Pingan is a little excited.

After the Fushen boy slid around on the deck quickly, the next second, the Fushen boy disappeared from the deck and entered the cabin on the first floor.

In the cabin is a huge casino covering an area of ​​several thousand square meters.

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