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Glorious Summoner Chapter 203

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The woman who sells the beads is very hot, not to be trifled with. The two people who just gathered in front of the booth seem to be summoners who have just arrived in the capital not long after they came to Beijing. I want to come. I saw it here, so I didn't quarrel with that woman, muttered a few words, and left.

1100Gold Coin, it’s simple to say, but last time Xia Pingan changed from here to the world beads of Fushen Boy and Bianque, the total is about 500 Gold Coin, and the price of 1100 Gold Coin is among the world beads. It's a little expensive, you can buy three or four ordinary world beads, even in the upper capital, these more than 1,100 Gold Coin, you can also buy a house.

This is the pricing of the world beads. Those fusion success rates are relatively high, and they can have summon positions and will not die even if the integration fails. The prices are often very expensive. The type of boundary beads is very popular.

There is no shortage of rich and powerful summoners in the upper capital. For those summoners, this kind of bead is their favorite.

"Why are you standing here, do you want to buy it, don’t buy it and go!" The woman glanced at Xia Pingan and saw that Xia Pingan was dressed decently and looked like she was rich, her tone of voice It eased a little bit.

Xia Pingan laughed, "Girl, I am standing here, of course I want to buy it, I sincerely want to buy it, but the price is indeed a bit expensive, can it be cheaper?"

Hearing that Xia Pingan wanted to buy, the woman got a little bit of energy, and looked at Xia Pingan up and down again, "Okay, I'll give you 20 Gold Coins cheaper!"

"Don't be cheaper than 20 It’s a Gold Coin. I think you’re a happy girl, girl. Your psychological price for this bead should be around 1000 Gold Coin. If you wipe out the fraction of that 100 Gold Coin, I’ll buy 1000 Gold Coin!"

1000Gold Coin is not a small amount for Xia Pingan, but the summon of this world bead is an assassin, it can appear and disappear unpredictably assassin, the assassin from summon can continue to integrate with other world beads to improve their own Ability, Xia Pingan felt that this world bead would be of great use, so he didn't skimp on the 1000 Gold Coin.

Sure enough, listening to Xia Pingan's words, the woman's eyes lit up, "Can you pay now? Or let me wait for you with a bead? If the bead is sealed, it will not be the price ......"

Bead sealing is also a rule for selling boundary beads in this night market. Someone has a fancy to a certain boundary bead, but he can't come up with that many money for a while, he can discuss it with the seller. Ask the seller to seal the beads for a few days, and wait until he has enough money to buy them. If the beads are sealed, the buyer will pay a deposit first, and then the seller shall not show or trade the beads within

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