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Glorious Summoner Chapter 204

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Wife Yemeng someone gave cloth to her home, so she was worried that her husband would marry a concubine again...


Xia Pingan was staring outside with remote viewing ability, and at the same time wanted to see how the water moon master interprets his dreams.

Under Xia Pingan’s gaze, I saw the Shuiyue master in a white robe picking up a pen made of gold and white jade from the table, and gently touching the woman’s eyebrows At one point, amid the faint divine force fluctuations, I saw a cloud of brilliance light up from the center of the woman’s eyebrows. Then, the woman’s dream last night, like the light and shadow swaying in the water, was wrapped in a cloud of mist. Below, appeared in front of the two people.

Light and shadow seemingly true and seemingly illusory, in the light and shadow, Xia Pingan really saw someone bring cloth to the woman’s home, saying that she could make clothes.

Less than one minute, the light and shadow disappear.

Master Shuiyue gently put down the jade pen in his hand and touched his beard, with a profound mystery expression on his face.

"Master, how?" the woman asked nervously.

"Mrs. Gan, that dream really indicates that your husband might ask another concubine back, and your husband looks at a beautiful woman outside again..." Shuiyue master said in a tranquil voice.

Hearing this, there was a tear in the woman’s eyes, and she began to wipe her tears sadly, "I would rather not have such a rich family, like before, the whole family is happy. Just enough to eat and wear. Since coming to the capital, the better the family life, the bigger the business and the richer, the more women he will look for. He already has a seven-bedroom concubine at home, how can he pay for it? Not enough, I’m only in a little grade, he likes the new and dislikes the old, and starts looking for a young girl, master, is there a way to resolve this?"

"Dream is a sign. If handled properly, it is indeed It may be resolved again, but there are many causes and conditions involved in this kind of thing. Mrs. Gan should be aware that I don’t dare to pack a ticket. I can only do my best, and it’s not good for us to intervene in the cause and effect of others. We can only partially Intervene..."

"I understand, this time I will be the master..." The woman said, and took out a gold ticket from her sleeve and handed it over.

Xia Pingan looked at the denomination of the golden ticket and called out in her heart. It was a golden ticket of one hundred Gold Coins.

Shuiyue master received the gold ticket, opened a drawer in front of him, and then took out a silver piece, and then picked up a pen next to him, then his face was solemn, and he used it like a ghost drawing a peach talisman. Cinnabar drew a bunch of things that no one could understand on the piece of silver,

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