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Glorious Summoner Chapter 201

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The property counted by Changyun Villa, Xia Pingan was converted into silk pieces, and all were distributed to poor families whose children had been looted over the years according to the rules of tribute. Every family has 50 quasi-silk.

In just a few days, inside and outside the city of Dao Province, it was like a big drama. First, countless children who were looted to Changyun Mountain Villa recognized their parents, sorrows and joys were mixed, and then, Lord Provincial Governor’s shirt was sent down. In Dao Province, there are no hundreds of people rushing to report. In front of the Provincial Governor’s house, there are chickens, ducks and fish sent by the people of Dao Province almost every day.

As for the things delivered by the people, Xia Pingan asked them to accept it, and then let the chefs in the Provincial Governor Mansion make a broth and enjoy it with the officials of the Provincial Governor Mansion.

Xia Pingan wrote the memorial for the Imperial Court and issued it, and just three days after the memorial was issued, a team of people who have endured the hardships of a long journey came from afar and entered Dao Province. , I came directly to the Provincial Governor Mansion.


"Yangcheng, you are so bold, this dwarf from Dao Province city tribute to Your Majesty, smart and interesting, Your Majesty likes it the most, the Empress in the palace Fun and every distinguished person also like it. Those foreign envoys come to Chang'an. Your Majesty often lets the dwarf figurines who tribute to Dao Province city perform in public. This is something that has been tribute to Dao Province city for a hundred years. Are Imperial Court and Your Majesty in your eyes?"

In the lobby of the Provincial Governor Mansion, Xia Pingan is sitting at the top, and a white-faced eunuch in Court Eunuch costume is sitting on the side of Xia Pingan. He pointed his throat, pointed orchid fingers, and severely accused Xia Pingan.

This Court Eunuch is the local tribute of Tang Virtue Sect. It is the eunuch who specially supervises and inspects the tribute items to the Imperial Court in various places. Although the official is not big, it is because he is a person next to the emperor who works for the emperor. , Regarded as the emperor's special envoy, that majestic and prestige is far from comparable to ordinary officials.

This local tribute envoy originally was in Hengzhou, supervising local tributes from all over Hengzhou. He had a leisurely life, but after hearing about what Yangcheng did in Dao Province, This led a bunch of people to Dao Province City in a hurry, looking like a teacher asking for sin.

Xia Pingan drank tea, slowly and carefully, and waited until the local tribute envoy had finished speaking, and then said in a tranquil voice, "Duke Chen’s words are not correct. The Law of the Tang

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