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Glorious Summoner Chapter 64

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The vehicle entered the gate within the valley through the security check. Xia Pingan looked around and found that the environment here is quiet and there are few people. Except for a few buildings within the valley, almost I couldn’t see other people here, so I couldn’t help but wondered, "Where is this Facebook club?"

"The Facebook club is a meeting place for summoners in Yizhou Province. You can join this club. They are all summoners in Yizhou Province, where you can buy a lot of things that you can't buy outside!" Yan Duo looked at Xia Pingan eyebrows raised, mysteriously laughed.

Xia Pingan understood immediately. It is estimated that this is the secret market in Xinchuan where An Qing told him before.

"This is the secret market of the summoner in Xinchuan?"

"Well, you heard that before?" Yan Duo nodded, glanced at Xia Pingan, his face The expression is not too surprising.

"I heard that there is such a place in Xinchuan before!"

"This is it, the whole Yizhou province can just and honorable buy the secret market of Jiezhu, just Here! "Yan Duo's Q7 has been driven into a bamboo forest, and stopped in front of a parking spot. "The membership fee for joining the Facebook Club is 1 million a year, but it is definitely worth the money. I will take you to see today. In one fell swoop, you will have the motivation to make money!"

Yan Duo stopped the car, the two got out of the car, and Yan Duo’s car was supported by the parking robot and slowly sank from the parking space to the ground. .

Stop the car, Yan Duo took Xia Pingan moved towards a building in the bamboo forest next to him.

Entering the lobby of that building, a beautiful young woman in her thirties wearing a lady's suit, with her hair crossed, curled towards and moved towards the two of them came over.

"Brother Yan, it's been a long time!" The young woman greeted Yan Duo with a smile, and glanced at Xia Pingan, "You know the rules here, my brother, my brother brought one New faces come, don’t you want to make elder sister embarrass me!"

"Ha, Sister Tao, am I the kind of person who embarrass women!" Yan Duo haha ​​smiled and pointed. Refers to Xia Pingan, "My colleague, a new summoner from Xianghe City, today I will bring him to see him and go through a membership procedure by the way!" After that, he introduced to Xia Pingan, "This is Manager Tao of Facebook Club Sister Tao, I want to find Jiezhu in the future and ask Sister Tao to pay attention to it. It will save a lot of things."

When Yan Duo said this, Sister Tao took a deep look at Xia Pingan and took the initiative. To Xia Pingan extend the hand, "Hello, my name is Tao Wen, and the face club is Chief-In-Charge in Yizhou Province. How do you call it?"

"My name is Xia Pingan, please more Excuse me!" Xia Pingan shook hands with the charming young woman courte

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