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Glorious Summoner Chapter 61

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As soon as it gets dark, Xia Pingan feels that the divine force in her secret mandala is recovering quickly.

Even if the moon in reality is hidden by the clouds in the sky, only a small half of the face is exposed, in the secret mandala of the summoner, above the algae dome of the temple, there is still a brilliant round The full moon shines all over.

The divine force consumed before, like the dew condensation on the dome of the algae well, is condensed in clusters.

In a short while, three or four points of divine force were condensed.

By the time he and An Qing go out to light up the lights, Xia Pingan’s divine force has gathered seven or eight points, and it is still increasing rapidly.

Before dark, Xia Pingan merged four realm beads, and the upper limit of the divine force obtained was 90 points, so today, on the night of the full moon, his divine force can be restored to 45 points. The reason why he was indifferent before to make him consume at least one Demi-God power.

If he still had 60 points of divine force in his previous secret mandala, he could only recover 30 points tonight, which would be a waste of 15 points of divine force recovery.

The redundant divine force before can be transformed into the summon characters and spells of the secret mandala, and stored in the secret mandala. If the secret mandala cannot be stored, it is another matter.

But Xia Pingan tried it before and found that the summon characters and spells that she can store in the secret mandala seem to be far from reaching the storage limit of the secret mandala, so don’t worry. Up.

An Qing drove her Ferrari 599 and drove out of the gate of the Order Committee like the wind, and onto the highway around Xianghe City.

I don't know if it was because of what happened during lunch. Xia Pingan always felt An Qing stared at her with weird eyes, and she pretended to be calm when she couldn't help but laugh.

"An Qing, just laugh if you want to. It’s not good for your health after holding back for a long time..." Xia Pingan said to An Qing, "It’s not a shameful thing!"

An Qing Finally pu chi laughed, looked at Xia Pingan, and asked curiously, "Have you never had a girlfriend before?"

"It's normal, the child of the poor is in charge early. , I have to work to earn money, raise a younger sister, read less, the repair shop is a bunch of big men, the only woman is the cashier in the repair shop, all are grandma, and I have no time and no chance to find a girlfriend Ah!" Xia Pingan said in a tranquil voice.

An Qing was slightly stunned, she seemed to think of Xia Pingan’s life experience all of a sudden, and smiled apologetically, "sorry, I didn’t expect this for this reason..."

"It’s okay , The single dog has been doing it for so many years, and the habit is better..."

"Single dog..." An Q

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