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Glorious Summoner Chapter 63

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Just after sitting down for a while, Xia Pingan saw Yan Duo enter the venue again.

No way, Yan Duo’s silver hair is too eye-catching in a meeting place full of black hair. It is hard not to be eye-catching.

Yan Duo, who entered the venue, scanned the venue and saw Xia Pingan. He looked at Xia Pingan eyebrows raised, said hello to Xia Pingan with his eyes, and then sat in the first row. .

The summoners who came here were mostly between 20 and 40. It was when they were young and strong, the one sitting below, with all white hair, was the only one with Yan Duo.

Summoners continue to enter the venue. After a while, there are already 700 or 800 summoners in the venue.

Many people who came here knew each other. Li Yunzhou kept greeting people who came to the venue, nodded.

Xia Pingan was a little surprised. He didn't expect that the provincial department recruited so many summoners this time.

Yizhou is really a crouching tiger hidden dragon.

At half past nine, there was absolute silence in the venue, and then an old man with a walking stick who looked very gentleman walked into the venue calmly.

As soon as the old man came in, everyone in the venue stood up all at once.

Xia Pingan also stood up. He hadn’t seen the old man with his own eyes before, but he had seen it in the information Li Yunzhou gave him. The old man’s name was Wang Xihe, Da Yan Guo Member of the National Order Committee, Chairman of the National Order Committee of Yizhou Province, and also one of the major power giants in Yizhou Province. The immediate boss who belongs to his immediate boss.

In the organization of the Order Committee in Yizhou Province, people have only one name for Wang Xihe-Father.

The old man is a powerful summoner, and may be the most powerful summoner in Yizhou Province. When he was young, he once drove through the British Isles, which had become a magical land, and retired all over the world. The summoner group has a great reputation. The reason why he worked in Yizhou is because Yizhou is his native land.

The old man has served as chairman of the State Order Committee of Yizhou Province over the years. The Divine Strength Pill and Divine Strength Pill resources won by the State Order Committee of Yizhou Province have increased year by year, and the funding has increased year by year. In fact, the number of summoners selected and cultivated through the normal college entrance examination channels in Yizhou Province is increasing year by year.

In Yizhou Province, the old man with the dragon head cane is a mountain.

"Sit down..." The old man walked to the rostrum, scanned the audience, and said softly, everyone in the venue swiped and sat down at the same time.

The old man turned around and pointed to the huge display screen behind him. On that huge display screen,

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