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Glorious Summoner Chapter 60

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The world of the world pearl was shattered, and Xia Pingan's consciousness appeared in his secret mandala in Sea of ​​Consciousness in the blink of an eye.

The temple in the middle of the secret mandala seems to have grown a bit bigger.

Above the algae dome of the temple, the floating divine force light group has become 85 group.

The night when the brain eating insect body was cleaned up last time, Xia Pingan only consumed 5 divine force and 65 divine force remained. At this moment, after integrating the slave world beads, his The divine force has increased by 20 points, the available divine force has become 85 points, and the upper limit of the divine force is 90 points.

In addition to these 20 points of divine force, in the temple in front of me, on the left side of the three white jade reliefs of Suirenshi, Youchao and Shennong, there is another side of granite material. There is a large-scale relief on the wall, and the story in the relief is to turn to the enemy.

On the large granite relief, the scene of the battle of Makino is vividly reproduced, and the characters inside are vivid.

And in those reliefs there is a slave soldier, which is very vivid, and the color is different from the other figures in the reliefs.

The slave soldier is in the C position of the granite relief, holding a long ge in both hands, and carrying a few spears. The slave soldier points to the king flag of King Zhou who flees and flees in the distance and a blocker. The giant is shouting something in his mouth.

Xia Pingan has seen slave soldiers several times, but looking at the slave soldier on the new relief, he feels like the slave soldier he has seen before, Li Yunzhou and the others summon. Different.

Indifferent words and the others summon all the slave soldiers are holding lances, while the slave soldiers on the reliefs in front of them are holding long ge, and they are carrying guns on their backs, their weapons and equipment are complete different.

Indifferent words and the others The divine force obtained by the fusion of the slaves is generally between 10 and 15 points. Few people can break through 16 points, and the divine force obtained by themselves is 20 points.

There is no doubt that it is a perfect fusion this time.

Looking at the divine force light clusters floating in the sky of the temple, Xia Pingan thought for a while, and when her mind moved, the light clusters moved towards the slave soldiers' reliefs flew over and merged into Among the reliefs of that slave soldier.

After incorporating 10 points of divine force, the relief of the slave soldier began to shine, and then the slave soldier came alive.

A sturdy slave soldier with a long ge and a gun on his back walked out of the granite relief, saluted the three reliefs that laid the foundation, and then walked

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