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Glorious Summoner Chapter 62

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Wednesday morning, a Falcon helicopter sent Xia Pingan and Li Yunzhou, each carrying a luggage and an equipment box, to the Xinchuan Provincial Department of the Order Committee.

In addition to a few changes of clothes and combat uniforms, the equipment box of Xia Pingan that came to report also brought her own pistol and black cobra steel whip, and received 500 at one time. Bullets made of pure silver and 100 rounds of ordinary steel core bullets.

This time I came to the province, Xia Pingan clearly felt that the breath of the province was significantly more nervous than the last time he came.

Although there is only a few weeks between these two visits.

The landing pads of several helicopters in the province were extremely busy. Helicopters from the Order Committee in other parts of Xinchuan kept going up and down, sending an individual down.

Only two people were sent from Xianghe City, and on some helicopters, there were seven or eight people at once.

In the military base behind the provincial department, fighter planes, drones and armed helicopters flew from time to time in the sky. The entire Xinchuan provincial department of the Commission of Order is filled with the kind of war that is about to come. Tension.

The two quickly moved towards the report point not far away.

There was a bright sign outside the reporting office, which read "Yizhou Subduing Demon Guard Organization Reporting Office", and everyone who had just got off the helicopter went there to report.

"Senior, the summoner of the order committees of other cities, is it so much that you can transfer eight at a time?" Xia Pingan asked.

"Almost, the number of summoners in our Special Operations Department has always been the bottom in Yizhou Province. In some cities, the order committee’s special operations department has the largest number of summoners in the 20th and 30th. There is nothing wrong with selecting seven or eight in special circumstances!" Li Yunzhou glanced at the seven or eight people who came down from a falcon in the distance, and took a senior posture, "They should be from Xiangyun City, Xiangyun City Order Committee Summoner has the largest number of people..."

"Have you heard that Xiangyun has a lot of space invasions?"

"You don't know this, some summoners have a lot of freedom Yes, some summoners have become accustomed to fighting with their partners around them, and have cultivated tacit understanding and trust. They have their own various tactics and fighting styles. There are many combinations of husband and wife, brother, family, and squad. These summoners are not transferred by one person, but by several people. Xiangyun City happens to have two teams of squad summoners, so the number of people is the largest. The people who were transferred this time should be one of the squads.

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