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Glorious Summoner Chapter 59

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The slave soldiers around will not ride horses, so Xia Pingan easily grabbed a horse from the warlord officer, rode on the horse, followed the army, moved towards King Zhou’s army Kill it.

On such a battlefield, it is easier for people to understand the true meaning of the phrase "fallen by a mountain".

What is a mountain falling down?

The manifestation of the Domino Bone Token effect on the battlefield.

The collapse of the slave army directly defeated King Zhou’s regular army, which was behind the formation. The princes of King King’s feet were oiled at first, and the army of King King suddenly all split up and in pieces. Morale collapsed all at once.

The 5,000-thousand-throwing gunners of King Zhou collapsed. After the gunners, those strong as an ox, strong men who could lift cattle and throw stones, also turned and ran away.

The eighteen giants held the burning stakes in a daze, and then turned around and ran.

Above Muye, King Zhou’s army at first collapsed before it had contact with Martial King’s troops. There were people fleeing everywhere, and Martial King’s army rushed behind the slave soldiers.

The world of Shang Dynasty, which has been inherited for more than 500 years, collapsed in front of the slave soldiers' defiance. The animal husbandry outside Chaoge City collapsed.

Seeing the collapse of the army, the high flags and chariots of King Shang Zhou began to move towards Chaoge City and flew back.

Xia Pingan was riding on a horse, chasing the king's flag of King Shang and Zhou.

Chang Ge has been left behind by him. He grabbed a bronze sword and a whip. He galloped on the horse, holding the sword in his left hand, and the right hand dancing whip. He was chasing the flying of King Shang Zhou. The retired king flag.

At this time when the Jiezhu fusion, Xia Pingan felt that the historical drama of the front-line reversal was over.

He chased the banner of King Shang Zhou, just wanting to see for himself the appearance of King Shang Zhou and Su Daji, who can mess up the world, and satisfy his historical curiosity.

At the same time, he also wanted to try whether he could maximize the benefits of the slave soldier world beads and create another perfect absorption.

Because he had heard before that, although the slave world beads are the easiest to fuse, but different summoner summons come out of different slave abilities, strong and weak.

So, now I can give it another try.

Xia Pingan wielded a long whip and a long sword. Anyone who dared to attack him along the way was hit by the long whip in his hand or cut down by a copper sword, screaming and falling down. On the ground.

At this time, it is a few people who dared to stop and wave a knife to resist.

Most deserters left their backs to the chasing army behind. Those who dared to tu

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