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Glorious Summoner Chapter 198

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The officials and entourages in the Provincial Governor Mansion who came to welcome Xia Pingan didn’t expect Xia Pingan to kill people as soon as they arrived in Dao Province, and they still killed people in the public. Of course What they did not expect was that in such a short time, the city gate gathered so many people, and Xia Pingan would make the people of Dao Province so excited.

The black crowd knelt on the ground, all asking Xia Pingan to call them the shots.

The people in Dao Province have been struggling for a long time, and finally ushered in an official who dared to be the master of the people. Everyone was excited.

"Everyone get up..." Xia Pingan looked at the black people kneeling on the ground, walked directly to the carriage and stood on the carriage hill, so that everyone could see him and hear him. He said, "Since I am the Dao Province Provincial Governor in Yangcheng, I will never allow anyone in Dao Province to harm my Dao Province people. If you have any grievances, you can tell me, I'll make the decision for everyone!"

When Xia Pingan said this, the people around the city gate became more agitated.

A gray-haired old man stood up tremblingly, facing Xia Pingan cupped the hands, and said, "My lord, the most painful thing for the people of Dao Province is this tribute to the Imperial Court. From Sui Yang to today, in the past hundred years, I don’t know how many people in Dao Province have lost their families and wives, and whose relatives, friends, and ancestors have never encountered such a thing.

Ordinary people’s homes, all of them live trembling with fear, anyone who is pregnant with a child dare not let anyone know, or they can only quietly retreat to another country, just because they are afraid that the born child will be captured by the government and change The dwarf pays tribute to the Imperial Court. The officials in the yamen are like wolves and tigers. Every year, they go to Dao Province to check their household books. When they see the children of the poor, they will be taken away directly in the name of the government. Who dares To block is to be an enemy of the Imperial Court and disrespect the emperor. Every year in my Dao Province, there are at least a dozen or so households, but as many as hundreds of households. The worst thing in the world is this. I also ask the adults to do it for me. The people of Dao Province are the masters!"

"Last year our Qian Family who made tofu next door, because the child was taken away, the Qian Family’s wife committed suicide and the Qian Family men went crazy. It's too miserable..." someone next to him said.

"That is, all the pregnant women in our village ran into the mountains and lived in the wood house in the mountains. They dare not return to the village..."

"The one in Fangyuan Hutong The mother-in-law, the c

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