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Glorious Summoner Chapter 200

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"Stone, stone, come and let mother see, let mother see..."

That way The complaining woman held her child tightly, crying with rustling sound, and kowtow to Xia Pingan while holding the child, "Thank you, sir, thank you..."

The crowd and people outside the villa It's already boiling.

I heard the news that the people in Dao Province rushed to Changyun Mountain Villa. The scenes where the looted children met their relatives were a mixture of joy and sorrow.

Also, the time interval is too long. Those relatives who come here can no longer recognize their own children, because those children, not seen for many years, have been destroyed into dwarfs, physique and The appearance has changed a lot, and you can only recognize each other slowly.

Xia Pingan asked Zheng Ji to drive the carriage to send the child and the woman home, and leave the affairs of the villa to his subordinates.

I just came to Dao Province city today to solve the Changyun Mountain Villa, which is considered a victory, but Xia Pingan knows that this is just the beginning. Whether I can succeed in Dao Province city this time depends on the connection. Go down and play the game between the Imperial Court and the officialdom. Once the next game fails, the Imperial Court and the people above may change to a Provincial Governor at any time, so that Dao Province City will resume the Shang Gong dwarf figurines.

So, this matter is not over yet.

Xia Pingan recalled the various recorded deeds from Yangcheng to Dao Province in his head, while returning to the Provincial Governor Mansion with the officials in the Provincial Governor Mansion.

When I returned to the Provincial Governor, the entire Dao Province city was a sensation. Along the way, there were people who called Dao Idol and called the sky blue. It was completely different from the situation when Xia Pingan first came.

The Provincial Governor Mansion in Dao Province is not big. It is just a government office with a few courtyards. It is divided into the front hall and the back hall. The front hall of the Provincial Governor Mansion is the office of the Dao Province Provincial Governor’s office, while the back hall is It is the official residence of Dao Province Provincial Governor.

After traveling in and out of the city for so long, I returned to the Provincial Governor House, and it was already evening.

The officials of the Provincial Governor had already prepared the reception banquet. After having eaten the reception banquet hastily, Xia Pingan returned to the back room and went to the study to write memorials to the emperor.

Now the emperor of Chang'an City is Tang Virtue Sect Li Shi. In all fairness, Li Shi is ambitious. He always wants to make some achievements and wants to make great efforts to create a new era for Great Tang. In s

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