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Glorious Summoner Chapter 197

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"Master, Dao Province City is in front of me. I saw a lot of people in the official post in front of them with flags and flags. It seems that the officials from Dao Province City are coming to greet the lord..."

The wheeled carriage was driving on the official road. Zheng Wei, who was driving in front, opened the curtain in front of the carriage and said to Xia Pingan in the carriage.

"I see, just stop at the official post in front..." Xia Pingan sitting in the carriage looked at Zheng Zhi instructed.

Zheng Yu nodded, who drove the car, continue to rush the car.

Xia Pingan looked at Han Yu's "On the Court" and saw it with keen interest pleasure.

This Han Yu's article is really excellent, even if he is writing this article to scold himself, but this "On Chen Chen" is also impeccably written. An "On Chen Chen" is widely cited. , Quoting the classics, from "Yi" to "Shang Shu", Han Yu picked up the words, scolded himself all over, and left himself speechless.

Seeing Xia Pingan looking at Han Yu’s article, Xue Yue, who was also sitting in the carriage, couldn’t help it. "...Then Han Yu's "On Chen Chen" satirized the teacher in admonishing the doctor. The corpse is a vegetarian meal. This time, the traitor Pei Yanling framed Master Lu, who was full of civil and military affairs. Everyone knew that Master Lu was wronged, but only the teacher dared to stand up for Master Lu and condemned the traitor. I don’t know that Han Yu. Where are you going to put Xia Pingan's face this time?"

Xia Pingan laughed, "Xue Yue, you are too straight-headed, too short-tempered, and you are not Sage. For many years, I haven’t spoken. Han Yu can’t read it. It’s normal to write an article and scold me. Han Yu’s article is very good. You should learn more!"

"Why didn’t the teacher refute Han Yu? ?"

"Doing something and not doing something, you have to remember that admonishment is like a sword. When you meet people who don’t like sharpening swords, this sword is usually used a lot, and that sword is not. Sharp, how can I overcome obstacles at critical moments? I’m in the position of admonishing the doctor. This time I risk my death and enter the admonition, so that Your Majesty will not be confused, Lu Zhi and the others will not be harmed by Pei Yanling, and Your Majesty will not be destroyed. It’s enough to kill the loyal minister in vain!"

"teacher, who is the one who sharpens the sword?"

"Tai Zong likes to sharpen the sword, Wei Zheng is sharp!" Xia Pingan said.

Xue Yue seems to have some enlightenment, but still has a look of anger, "The world knows that Pei Yanling is a traitor who is flattering, incapable of doing things, and has skills in dealing with people. I used some books and accounts to fool Your Majesty. The Imperial Court treasury did not increase a bit, but it made Your Majesty think th

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