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Glorious Summoner Chapter 264

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With Xia Pingan sitting in the town, the inspection agency swift and decisive, a few carriage horses rushed to the warehouse of Jinming Trading Company, the team members got off the carriage and quickly blocked the yard.

The security guards of the Jinming Trading Company guarding the warehouse looked at the aggressive inspectorate officials who rushed like wolves and tigers. They stood obediently and honestly not knowing what to do one by one, and they dared not move.

The two warehouses of Jinming Trading Co., Ltd. are close to each other. Each warehouse has tens of thousands of square meters. They are in the same compound, and it is convenient to seal them.

Xia Pingan was standing in the open space outside the warehouse, looking at the warehouse in front of him, grinning. He just “looked” at it. The two warehouses are full of goods, and they should have just entered the warehouse.

Fan Gang wearing a black robe had already stood beside Xia Pingan at some point, did not speak much, just lightly nodded to Xia Pingan.

As for Situ Hua, he joined Xia Pingan and his team halfway, and came to the warehouse of Jinming Trading Company together.

The Chief-In-Charge brow beaded with sweat of the warehouse who received the notice came, and as soon as he saw the person from the Supervision Department, he complexion changed, and he hurried over with a smile, “Everyone, this is In the warehouse of Jinming Trading Company, our warehouse is stacked with wine on one side and silk on the other side. There are no prohibited items. Is there any misunderstanding!”

The Chief-In-Charge of the warehouse naturally couldn’t get in front of Xia Pingan, and the people below would deal with it.

“The Supervisory Office received a report that someone reported that your golden sun trading company’s warehouse contained prohibited items. Open the warehouse and we need to check it!” Situ Hua said to the Chief-In-Charge of that warehouse.

“This… the shopkeeper of our trading company is not there. This Kimmyung trading company is the property of Director Li. Can you adults…” The Chief-In-Charge of the warehouse didn’t understand the situation and was still struggling.

“What about Director Li and Director Ma, our Donggang Inspection Office will enforce the law impartially, don’t be old!” Situ Hua looked like a tiger, but also very bluffing, “I now order you to open the warehouse door immediately, we Check it, or open it, we broke in, and you are responsible for all the consequences!”

Seeing that the summoners of the surrounding inspection offices were looking at themselves coldly, the Chief-In-Charge of the warehouse was sweating, and he quickly took out the keys, opened the doors of the two warehouses, and let the inspection office Of people enter to check.

In the warehouse containing the drinks,

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