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Glorious Summoner Chapter 267

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Is this the capital of Wei Country?

Xia Pingan opened his eyes and found himself standing in a city gate, looking at the to-and-fro carts and horses in a daze. He looked up, and sure enough, there were two words “Yi” on the door. Gate”.

Xia Pingan raised her hand again and took a look. Sure enough, her hand was unusually old, like chicken feet, the skin on the back of the hand was dry and wrinkled, and there were some age spots, just like old Tree skin, at first glance, is an old hand.

Looking down again, my white beard hung down to my chest, and I was wearing an old set of fairly clean gray and blue clothes with patches on the clothes, a cowhide belt on his waist, and a belt on the belt. A bronze sword.

This age, this outfit, can only be described as pitiful.

There are a few big beams of green skin near the city gate. The people who are eating on the street are squatting under the eaves next to a noodle restaurant near the city gate, looking at the crowd with thief eyes. , Xia Pingan moved towards those Qingpis, and smiles suddenly appeared on the faces of those Qingpis, their heads shrank, and they seemed to be in awe of Xia Pingan……

It really is this Hou Ying, Xia Pingan said heartily.

This boundary bead is the one he bought at the Tianyuanqiao night market tonight. This boundary bead looks gray, with only the word “Hou Ying” in it, even the person selling the boundary bead. Those who watch the excitement don’t know what a world bead this is, or what this world bead can summon, so the price is not too expensive, because the price of the world bead increases, and because the world bead fails to merge, it won’t die. , So this world bead also wanted Xia Pingan 1460Gold Coin.

Yes, Yuanqiu world also has some strange and strange world beads. Those world beads do not have the corresponding divine sense crystals, or the corresponding divine sense crystals are too rare, and I have not seen one in hundreds of years. So no one can fuse this kind of world beads, or there are very few people who can fuse in history, and they are secretive, so these world beads are almost the same as the black box world beads, and almost no one knows what you can get after this kind of world beads fusion. Secret method.

Seeing the two words “Hou Ying” on the Jiezhu, Xia Pingan bought the Jiezhu without the slightest hesitation, because Xia Pingan knew that in history, it was called “Hou Ying”. There is only one that has left a wonderful note in the history books. This “Hou Ying” is the standard a nobody, which is unnamed, and it is this a nobody named “Hou Ying” that finally completes the famous Xinling Mausoleum. Jun.

This is the fourth world bead that Xia Pingan merged tonight. Before this world bead, Xia Pingan has continuously integrated the three worlds of “cover one’s ears whilst stealing a

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