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Glorious Summoner Chapter 262

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The square-faced man smiled enthusiastically and sent Xia Pingan out of the door of the Pingshan Camp of the Judging Army.

“Master Xia, our attorney is doing things that offend people. This time I have offended people. I ask Master Xia to forgive me. No wonder, by the way, I have known Master Xia for so long, Master Xia. I don’t know my name yet, my name is Che Ping, and I will ask Master Xia for advice in the future!” The Fang Lian man’s attitude towards Xia Pingan has completely changed.

I just witnessed the ability of Xia Pingan at the Department of Legal Supervision, and saw that Xia Pingan was praised by the Dean of the Dali Academy, Ti Lung, and praised by Master Lin Yi. Master Lin Yi personally gave Xia Pingan an adjudication army in public. The ruling scepter also said that Xia Pingan is a role model for inspectors.

The square-faced man still can’t see where it is. It’s only a matter of time before people like Xia Pingan are flying in the upper capital and the ruling army.

Not to mention anything else, Xia Pingan can make a name for himself in the upper capital only by relying on the god dog that he got out of summon, even more how Xia Pingan is the commander of the ruling army and the dean of the Dali Academy today. With such a big face in front of him, the future is limitless.

The ruling scepter of the ruling army is a unique honor reward for the ruling army. This ruling scepter is a heavy weapon in the summoner Magical Artifact. In the ruling army, it is generally only given to those who have made great contributions to the ruling army. The outstanding summoner, although the ruling scepter does not give the summoner greater authority, but in the history of the ruling army, those summoners who have obtained the ruling scepter, except for those who sacrificed in the middle, later became the ruling army or Dashang Country. The great character inside, the authority is magnificent.

Just now when Lin Yi gave Xia Pingan the ruling scepter, the envy of the director of the attorney general was red with envy. There is no director of the attorney general. If it weren’t for the difference in identity, the director I really couldn’t hold back my face to send Xia Pingan. Now the person who sent Xia Pingan out of the ruling army camp is the director of the Attorney General’s Department.

“Hahaha, Mr. Cha is polite, and I ask Mr. Cha to tell the adults of the Attorney General. The Attorney General is acting impartially this time, and I am not a personal grudge against me. I am not that stingy, so I won’t blame you. In the future, if Mr. Cha has time, he can come to our Donggang Inspection Office for more tea, and give us more advice by the way, so that we don’t make mistakes!” Xia Pingan also said goodbye to Cha Ping with a smile.

“Definitely, surely…” Che Ping also sighed in relief in

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