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Glorious Summoner Chapter 265

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“What, the warehouse of Jinming Trading Company was sealed by the Donggang Inspection Office, the bank account of the trading company was also frozen, and Lu Xing and several managers were all arrested by the Donggang Inspection Office?”

Next night, Li Chaoming, chief of the golden sun district police station, had just returned home, but the buttons on his uniform had not been completely untied, and he was stunned by the “bad news” his wife said.

Li Chaoming’s wife was crying beside her, crying all the makeup on her face, and holding onto his sleeve, “Hurry up and get my younger brother out, the East Port Inspection Office and Governor Young Master’s head It can be slashed, fierce and evil, my younger brother, if there is something in it, I won’t live anymore, ying ying ying……”

“Don’t cry, why cry, tell me first, where did you know the news?” Li Chaoming asked.

The woman stopped crying quickly, but still choked, “Yes… It was a man who was looking at the warehouse came back and told me… If it hadn’t been for the man’s return, I still don’t know what happened to Jinming Trading Company. That… the guy said that the people from the trading company were all arrested… He was also arrested by the Donggang Inspectorate… Later, the Donggang Inspectorate interrogated him and gave him a confession, so… He let it go before he ran back to report!”

“Damn it, reverse it, reverse it…” Li Chaoming scolded, his face grim, and the fat all over his face was shaking, “I don’t want to find other people’s troubles, they come to find me instead.” Come on, why does the Donggang Inspection Office seal up the warehouse of Jinming Trading Company? They dare to go crazy, Lao Tzu is endless with them!”

“Listen to that guy… This morning, just before noon, a large number of people from the Donggang Inspection Office came to search the warehouse of Jinming Trading Company. The people from the inspection office said that they received a news report. The warehouse… Prohibited items, and then began to search… and then when the Donggang Inspection Office searched the warehouse, a few boxes of guns and some ammunition were found in the warehouse… So the inspection office sealed the warehouse. , Also took people away!”

“Guns, ammunition?” Li Chaoming’s head buzzed. As the chief of the police, he naturally knew what it meant to find guns and ammunition in the warehouse. In the capital city, the crime of possession of guns and ammunition was not light, and he was taken aback. It took a long time to react, “Where did the guns and ammunition come from?”

“You ask me…who do I ask, it was found from the warehouse anyway, did you let Lu Xing put it in the warehouse?” The woman cried and asked, “I don’t care, my brother is for you Work, something happened to him, you must get him out…”

“Fuck your mother. Why did I ask Lu

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