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Glorious Summoner Chapter 263

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When the carriage on Xia Pingan arrived at the entrance of the Donggang Inspection Office, the long carriage queue, with hundreds of vehicles, had been queued from the entrance of the Donggang Inspection Office to several hundred meters and turned around. On two streets, many pedestrians on the street and people from the nearby trading company Trading Company stopped and put their heads out of the windows to watch, not knowing what happened.

The carriage driver opened the door for Xia Pingan, and Xia Pingan, who was holding the ruling scepter in his hand, walked out of the compartment with a handsome manner.

Xia Pingan was originally a handsome guy, with unique temperament, and exquisite clothes on him, and holding a scepter in his hand. This time, it is even more handsome like a jade tree, and the temperament is bursting, that is, a gentleman, and blasting , With a breath of majesty.

“Respectfully welcome the supervisor to send the adults back to Donggang…”

“Respectfully welcome the supervisor to send the adults back to Donggang…”

“Respectfully welcome the supervisor to send the adults back to Donggang…”

The carriage drivers roared together, and the sound could be heard from a few streets away.

The crowd on the street suddenly became a commotion.

“What, that person is Mr. Xia who killed Governor Young Master to give justice to the victimized women in Donggang District?”

“Who else could it be if it wasn’t Master Xia? I heard that Master Xia handcuffed Governor Young Master from the Governor’s Mansion in the Golden Sun District that day. On the way back to the Donggang District, he passed the barrier. There were countless obstacles in the breakthrough. Take the scumbag to Donggang District and chop his head…”

A few passers-by watched Xia Pingan get out of the car on the other side of the road, and there was a lot of public opinion.

In the past few days, Xia Pingan’s forcible intrusion into the Governor’s Mansion to arrest the Young Master of the Governor’s Mansion has spread throughout the Donggang District, and many inspiring and delightful versions have been derived. In those versions of the story, Huang Wei was deliberately taken by Xia Pingan outside the Donggang Inspection Office to chop his head. Those who intercepted Xia Pingan along the way were all to prevent Xia Pingan from bringing Governor Young Master back to chop his head. In the end, few people knew about the terrifying summoner of the Seven Suns Realm that intercepted Xia Pingan.

The original complicated process, as soon as it spreads to the people, the whole process becomes simple, and it is full of justice that everyone expects that the wicked get their punishment.

“Wow, that’s so handsome…” There was a female staff member of Xia Pingan who stuck out her head from a window on the street n

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