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Glorious Summoner Chapter 257

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“What are you laughing at, a few small summoners from the Donggang Inspection Office, it’s useless to come!” The blue robe saw Xia Pingan laughing and shook the head.

“hahaha…” Xia Pingan smiled, spits out mouthful of blood, he looked at the blue robe man and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, “I said… I must bring Huang Wei to the inspection today. As an explanation, no one can stop me, including you, the person you told Huang Family, I, Xia Pingan, did what I said…”

After saying this, a long sword suddenly appeared in Xia Pingan’s hand.

The blue robe complexion changed, and even too late to stop, just shouted furiously, “What do you want to do?”

Xia Pingan didn’t speak, but cut off with a sword, cutting off the head of Huang Wei who had been stepped on the ground by him.

Huang Wei never dreamed that Xia Pingan actually dared to kill him in the street, he died so confused…

The heavy rain poured down, Huang Wei’s blood suddenly stained the streets…

The blue robe roared, pointed at Xia Pingan, and a bolt of lightning blasted towards Xia Pingan.

A three-layer ice shield appeared in front of Xia Pingan. The three-layer ice shield was shattered by lightning. Electric lights ran across Xia Pingan’s body. Xia Pingan spits out mouthful of blood again, but Xia Pingan continued to laugh. After shaking for two times, he stood steadily, he was not afraid, “I wrote it down, you are in the Seven Suns Realm, right? I will ask you to settle the account later!”

“My lord…” Situ Hua had already rushed fifty meters away. Situ Hua rushed the fastest. He looked at the blue robe weird and then just threw a Fireball over.

The blue robe man glared at Xia Pingan, then looked at Huang Wei, who had separated his body and head on the ground, and Divine Immortal would not come back, sighed, “that’s all…”, with a wave of his sleeves, Situ Hua The Fireball had already dissipated before he was even physically present, and then an electric light blasted down from the clouds again, and fell on the blue robe person, the shape of the blue robe person, suddenly disappeared.

Situ Hua, Fang Nu, Dongmen Yong and the others, who rushed in front of him under the heavy rain, saw Xia Pingan’s clothes shattered on the street, the heavy rain showered his body, and some wounds on his body were bleeding, Xia The blood flowing from Pingan’s body flowed to the ground together with the rain, and there was a headless corpse under his feet, and each one changed his face.

“Huang Wei…” Especially that Dong Men Yong, when he saw the head on the ground, he screamed, his face changed, and when he looked at Xia Pingan, his eyes were as if he had seen a ghost.

Xia Pingan glanced at Dongmen Yong, bent over to pick up Huang Wei’s head, spits out mouthful of blood again, wiped his mouth, and moved towards

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