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Glorious Summoner Chapter 260

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Late at night, the Huang Family, after the news that Huang Wei was beheaded by Xia Pingan at the gate of the Donggang Inspection Office, the entire Huang Family was in distress and fell into extreme depression…

Huang Family’s subordinates and bodyguards dare not say anything.

At night, several carriages drove into Huang Family from the side door of Huang Family, and the entire Huang Family who could speak for themselves in the capital came back.

In the secret room of Huang Family’s inner courtyard, Mrs. Huang cried loudly, her eyes were swollen, but in less than a day, the pampered Mrs. Huang was as old as several years old, no more wealthy The noble lady’s weather is like that of a city woman, her hair is a little messy, she has no master, and she is in a hurry.

“…Weir and his father is not in the capital, which made that person bully our Huang Family door today. Now something is wrong with Weier. Only two Uncles are the masters…”

In the secret room, in addition to Mrs. Huang, there are Huang Wei’s big brother Huang Zhen and Huang Wei’s second uncle and third uncle.

Huang Zhen is in his thirties, and his face is six or seven points similar to Huang Wei, but his temperament is more calm and experienced. At this moment, Huang Zhen’s face is gloomy as iron, his lips are tightly closed, and his fists under the table are clenched. .

Huang Wei’s second uncle is called Huang Chang, and his third uncle is called Huang Feng. These two people, namely Huang Wei’s father Anxi province governor Huang Zheng’s two brothers, are responsible for taking care of the Huang Family’s property in Shangjing.

Huang Chang looks like you are in your sixties. Wearing a black robe, your face is thin, with a few white beards on your chin, a pair of triangular eyes flashing, and your face is full of wrinkles. With murderous aura, every wrinkle on that face seems to be like a chain and poisonous snake hidden in the shadow, which makes people look like a scheming, vicious and merciless kind of person.

Huang Feng is in his fifties and has a slightly fat body. His triangular eyes are exactly the same as Huang Chang. He is angry and violent. He is panting and red eyes, walking around the room.

On Huang Feng’s head, a Fushen boy wearing a bellyband is sitting cross-legged, grabbing his ears and climbing up his hair, jumping on his shoulders, and then jumping again in the next second. I stumbled in front of Mrs. Huang, learning the way Mrs. Huang was crying, making faces…

The people of Huang Family didn’t notice it.

“The old man loves Weier the most. How is the old man now?” Huang Zong asked in a low-pitched voice.

“Since Second Brother was taken away, grandma became ill with anger. Now grandma doesn’t know that something has happened to Second Brother. We have already explained to the serva

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