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Glorious Summoner Chapter 258

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When the black clothed persons entered the inspection office building, Xia Pingan was sitting in the office, topless, Wei Meiyu bit her lip and drenched her tears, while using trembling hands to touch Xia Pingan’s body. There is medicine on the wound for fear of hurting Xia Pingan.

Wei Meiyu was applying medicine to Xia Pingan while secretly examining the tattoo on Xia Pingan’s back.

There are 20 or 30 wounds on Xia Pingan’s body. These wounds were left over from the fight with the powerhouse in the Seven Suns Realm. Although the wounds are not fatal, the wounds of one after another are not deep, just like being knifed. The same strokes, but even so, for an ordinary person, so many wounds are enough to let people experience the real piercing pain.

Although these wounds were caused by the summoner of the Seven Suns Realm, Xia Pingan didn’t hate that person in his heart. He knew that for that person, he had already shown mercy. If that person wanted to, his injuries could be fine. Ten times heavier, not like it is now, just leaving a little fleshy wound.

The identity of the ruling army and his own inspector made that person not dared to cast aside all considerations for face to an inspector of the ruling army in Shangjing.

Xia Pingan closed his eyes, still remembering every detail of the fight against the powerhouse in the Seven Suns Realm in his mind.

For summoners, level does not mean everything. The powerful Summoning Spell method cannot be underestimated, and sometimes it can even play a leading role. A low-level summoner is not completely incapable of defeating a summoner with a higher level. As long as the spells are used properly, everything is possible. This is also the fascinating aspect of the summoner profession. For the summoner, there is no weak person in the absolute sense.

However, the distance between a summoner in the Three Suns realm and a summoner in the Seven Suns realm is too large. If a low-level summoner’s spell cannot be strong enough to cover the difference in level, the result of the competition will be very high. It’s obvious.

Xia Pingan repeated the game several times in his head, and found that it is not difficult for the summoner of the Seven Suns to kill himself today. If that person wants to kill himself today, his even the probability of running away is minimal. This result also makes Xia Pingan really calmed down and saw the gap between himself and those summoners above the Six Suns realm.

This is the capital, crouching tiger hidden dragon, I have to work hard!

The man’s summon thunder and lightning spell is very strange, I don’t know what realm bead can summon thunder and lightning.

Xia Pingan was thinking in the heart, his ears moved, and he heard the messy footsteps from the corridor outside. He “looked” outside the office and saw

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