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Glorious Summoner Chapter 261

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Xia Pingan spent a total of two nights in the “single deluxe cell” of the Attorney General.

Since the end of the first interrogation by the Attorney General, no one has come to interrogate him again.

The “single deluxe cell” has everything except that you can’t leave it. There is a bedroom, a bathroom, a living room, and even a study room full of books. Xia Pingan takes a leisurely look inside. Two Heavenly Books.

Early in the morning on the 3rd day, Xia Pingan was looking at a strange book called “The Encyclopedia of Extorting Confessions by Torture” in her study. The door of the cell was opened and Xia Pingan was brought here before. The square-faced man from the attorney of the law firm walked in.

“Xia Pingan, come with me!” The square-faced man still said to Xia Pingan in a rigid tone.

Although the square-faced man looks the same as it was two days ago, Xia Pingan can still feel it from the other’s tone. This square-faced man is a little more polite to himself, without the domineering feeling that he can rub it at will Pinch your own taste.

“Why, are you going to let me out?” Xia Pingan put the book back on the shelf, got up, stretched out and asked.

The square-faced man took a look at Xia Pingan, took a deep breath, “Not to let you out, but to do a spell test on you!”

Sure enough!

Fang Lian Man’s words did not go beyond Xia Pingan’s expectations, because according to his deduction, this is an inevitable process and also the key to the problem-he passed the spell test, he entered the Huang Family to catch Huang Wei without merit. , Everything is good to say, if the spell test fails, then the emperor His Highness the Crown Prince’s beating on himself will inevitably follow, and this inspector’s errand will be wrong.

Everything depends on the dog!

At this moment, Xia Pingan feels like Erlang Shen.

The Fang Lian Man took Xia Pingan and left the room, went upstairs, and entered a huge room covering a thousand square meters.

“Reporting to sirs, Xia Pingan has been here!” The square-faced man was humble, obediently and honestly, and kept his eyes down when he spoke, and did not dare to glance at him.

There was a table in the room, and there were four people sitting behind the table. Except for the person who interrogated him that day, the other two people met for the first time for Xia Pingan.

The two people who interrogated Xia Pingan sat on the very side, feeling that they were supporting roles. The two people sitting on the main seat were wearing gorgeous black golden robes representing the dark War God Cult participating in the bishop. There is an old man with a calm and quiet temperament, black and bright hair, and a very special temperament in the whole person.

The other one sitting on the left hand side of the old man has tiger brows a

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