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Glorious Summoner Chapter 256

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Huang Wei woke up a long time ago.

The violent bumps on the horse’s back and the cold raindrops made him wake up again soon.

Huang Wei woke up treacherously. He still pretended not to be awake, but immediately, he had completely witnessed the whole process of Xia Pingan’s defeat of the Fire Dragon gang interception.

Such a confrontation made Huang Wei’s heart cold, and the tide of trembling and fear plunged into the darkness, flooding his heart in waves. On Xia Pingan’s body, Huang Wei felt the determination like a mountain of iron.

In the battle just now, Huang Wei’s heart kept ringing in a sentence. It was a sentence that a summoner he met said to him when he had just merged the Foundation Establishment Boundary Bead. The original sentence was The words are like this, “For a powerful summoner, one person is a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses.”

Yes, one person is a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses.

This is the real summoner.

Huang Wei didn’t understand before, but today, he finally understands.

Xia Pingan has only one person, but in Xia Pingan’s body, he saw a magnificent army with thousands of men and horses.

Although the Fire Dragon gang lined up on the street, they looked very strong and majestic, but on the summoners of the Fire Dragon gang, Huang Wei did not see the magnificent army with thousands of men and horses. On Xia Pingan’s body, he saw it.

magnificent army with thousands of men and horses, that is the technique, the law, the way, the heart, the blood, the bone, the summoner spirit willpower, the summoner’s soul of war, not simplicity There are many soldiers and puppets from the single summon.

As the root of all this today, Xia Pingan’s determination made him feel the fear of death and the unknown for the first time.

Huang Wei never thought that he would die, but after seeing Xia Pingan’s fight just now, Huang Wei found that his life was in Xia Pingan’s hands, like a swaying in the heavy rain and wind. The candlelight may be extinguished at any time.

Xia Pingan is so cruel to others, let alone to him, the things he did, according to the laws of Dashang Country, were enough to make him die without a burial site.

The battle on the long street continued. The last giant that Fire Dragon helped summon came out was pierced by the long spears of the “Storm Cavalry”, and the last giant fell and dissipated into running water.

“Storm Cavalry” flashed a circle of strange light green brilliance. The Storm Cavalry originally had injuries on his body. In that brilliance, the injuries on his body gradually recovered completely, and the remaining Storm Cavaliers, There were about twenty riders left, and the storm cavalry was fighting intent again, with iron hoofs flying, through the rain curtain, and rushed to the

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