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Glorious Summoner Chapter 259

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As night falls, the Imperial Palace in the upper capital, the study room of the Crown Prince in the East Palace…

“Under the bright sky, in broad daylight, an inspector wants to enter the governor’s residence of Anxi Province to search for the culprit. The domestic slave of the governor’s palace actually wants the inspector to pass the note first? An inspector took away from the Huangfu The Young Master of a governor, who all jumped out in the upper capital, actually intercepted the card, and some people dared to line up troops on the streets of the upper capital, and the powerhouse of the seven suns was robbing prisoners in front of the inspection office. , Interesting, interesting, this capital is really lively, no wonder Blood Demon Religion dared to be unscrupulous in the capital, sometimes this is more useful than the national law…”

Beitang Wangchuan took the secret music in his hand and said with a smile to the ruling army commander Lin Yi.

Only those who are familiar with Beitang Wangchuan can see a hint of coldness from Beitang Wangchuan’s smile and cold eyes, knowing that Beitang Wangchuan is already furious at this moment.

Lin Yi said nothing, his eyes drooping.

Beitang Wangchuan’s gaze fell on Lin Yi, “Sir Lin, can you tell me, the ruling that the military legal supervision department arrested Xia Pingan, is it trying to find a crime?” [19459002 ]

“Reporting to Your Majesty, Golden Sun inspector makes Yao you often go to the Attorney General to sued Donggang inspector Xia Pingan, saying that Xia Pingan did not follow the rules and trespassed without coordinating and reporting with the Golden Sun Inspection Office. The Governor’s Mansion of Anxi Province in the golden sun area disturbed the family of Huang Zheng, the Governor of Anxi Province. He was so angry that Huang Zheng’s mother was bedridden. At the same time, he killed Steward of Huang Mansion and captured Huang Zheng’s youngest son. Zheng’s wife personally came to the inspection office to cry and complain, so Yao often went to the legal supervision department to report!”

Lin Yi said in a tranquil voice, “I was tracing the whereabouts of the remnants of the Blood Demon Religion today. I returned to Pingshan in the evening and learned that the incident had happened in Shangjing. I have asked the attorney to stop Xia Pingan’s interrogation. Imprison Xia Pingan, everything will be decided by Your Highness!”

Lin Yi naturally knew that Xia Pingan was from His Highness the Crown Prince. He returned to Pingshan today. He was shocked. He didn’t expect to rule that Xia Pingan had been arrested by the Military Attorney General. After the incident, I felt that this matter was a bit tricky. The matter of Xia Pingan today immediately involved His Highness the Crown Prince, the governor of a province, the ruling army, the police

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