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Glorious Summoner Chapter 275

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Xia Pingan pointed into the river, a stream of river water flew out of the Qin’an River and turned into a stream of white exercises in the air. After turning a bend in the air, the head moved towards Xia Pingan was splashed with a crash-bang Come down.

The clear river water finally washed away the thick plasma on Xia Pingan’s body, hair and face.

There were too many kills of the water monsters. When the final battle was over, Xia Pingan became a blood man, which looked a little scary.

The ruling army is already cleaning the battlefield, Xia Pingan can finally find time to clean himself.

For Xia Pingan, the battle just past did not pose any danger to Xia Pingan. Those water monsters could not threaten him, but his divine force was consumed a bit too much.

The plasma that washed down from him, like blood, flowed on the ice and quickly spread out, all red. The corpses of the water monsters on the ice were broken and scattered, and there were three corpses everywhere. Four thousand, white ice has become a scarlet drawing board.

Summer has entered the capital, and the huge ice on the Qin’an River is gradually melting. Failure to dispose of the bodies of the water monsters may cause epidemics.

The warriors of the Judging Army who were packing up the corpse of the water monster on the ice, the expressions all looked towards Xia Pingan were a bit strange, seeming awe, but also surprised.

“oh la la ……” Another big stream of water fell from the sky and showered down, Xia Pingan finally felt a little refreshed on her body.

Looking at the corpses of the water monsters, Xia Pingan suddenly patted her forehead. She had been fighting just now and almost forgot. You should get some corpses of the water monsters in the secret mandala to see if they can be refined. What medicine pill came out? The refining pill room in his secret mandala has been resting for a long time. The Medicine Pill Masters who came out of his summon are now carrying medicine baskets into the black mist of the secret mandala. During the period, it seems that I went to gather medicine, and I didn’t see me back in two weeks.

Looking at the pile of corpses, Xia Pingan thought it over, and secretly shook the head, waiting for the next time, she is now eye-catching enough, and then exposed the abilities of Space Warehouse and Medicine Pill Master in the secret mandala Come out, there is not much need, just treat it as a clumsy.

Thinking like this in my heart, Xia Pingan pointed at the river water, and another wave of Bailian flew into the sky, and oh la la showered on Xia Pingan’s head.


“Reporting to Sir, this time the water monster raided Taohua Bridge. A total of 271 people were killed or injured on the shore, 35 policemen died, and 17 summoners of the Huilong District Inspection Office were injured,

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