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Glorious Summoner Chapter 280

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“Hehe, it’s easy to say?” Qiao Taihai sneered, narrowing his eyes, “Is the undead pill so easy to get?”

“It’s difficult to say, simple and simple, do you remember the skywalker named Lin Qing?”

“You are talking about the person who was skinned and mutilated by the Palace Lord for blood sacrifice. He didn’t say the names of the other crossovers before he died, and was the one who was still yelling at the Palace Lord?” [ 19459002]

“Exactly, just like the Nether Mountain division, Wei Jiangxing was the first to make a contribution, just walked the lucky dog ​​excrement. He actually captured the crosser named Lin Qing alive and sent it to the Palace Lord, Palace. As soon as Lord was happy, the reward of the immortal pill changed from ten to twenty. Don’t you be impressed?”

Qiao Taihai licked his lips, already a little moved, “What are your plans?”

“The Donggang District is near the sea, and there is water everywhere, just to allow you to give full play to your strengths, we set up a bureau, you are responsible for attracting him, and then I am responsible for doing it, as long as we are fast enough, we can judge Before the army’s expert reacted, he quickly moved away after he succeeded…”

“How to do it, please tell me first!”

“Let’s find a passenger ship first, and sink the freighter when it enters the port…” The dark demon’s voice changed, and a trap against Xia Pingan came out of his mouth.


“Guest, what’s wrong with you, are your eyes uncomfortable?”

In the shop of Tianyuanqiao Baozhulin, Su shopkeeper of Baozhulin saw Xia Pingan who was still talking with him, his eyes suddenly reddened, and he couldn’t help but ask.

Xia Pingan forced a smile, “Well, it may be that I was in a hurry for cultivation recently. I ate some medicine pill and got a little setback. My eyes are often a little uncomfortable. By the way, if there is a treasure master, you can leave it to me. Now, I will come back in a few days!”

“Okay, don’t worry, I will keep it for you if there is something, but the Mingjin world master is very rare. I have opened several small shops here and I haven’t seen one. For the guest, you can go to Peng King. Look at Auction House!”

“Okay, then I will go to Peng King Auction House to have a look!”

“Guest, this is your world pearl, you put it away and go slowly!”

Su shopkeeper wrapped the lion language world bead Xia Pingan just bought in a box and handed it to Xia Pingan.

The Leo Whisper Realm Bead is the name of this World. After fusing this realm bead, the summoner can have a very special auxiliary secret technique, that is, when speaking, it can roar like a lion, and it sounds like a belt. Like a big speaker, anyone outside of several dozen li can hear it if you want.

In Xia Pingan’s eyes, this Lion Language Jiezhu has only four word

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