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Glorious Summoner Chapter 278

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“pu…” Yan Duo spouted a sip of wine and spilled all over himself. He turned his head in astonishment and looked at Xia Pingan. The expression on his face was just a few words—you fucking bluff me?

Xia Pingan shrugged, took a leisurely sip of the wine in her hand, laughed, “This condensed wine is good. A few days ago, I just sold a batch in the warehouse that I sealed up, and it didn’t cost much, a total of hundreds of thousands. Gold Coin, maybe your wine is really the batch I seized and sold.”

“You, seize…” Yan Duo stammered.

“I haven’t told you yet. I did join the Dashang Country’s national machinery. It’s just that the national machinery I joined is unusual. It’s Dashang Country’s adjudicating army. By the way, I am now in the Donggang Inspection Office of the Adjudicating Army The inspector, his subordinates only take care of dozens of summoners in the one-yang state and two-yang state, and I would like to ask Mr. Yan Xiaoqi for advice!”

The prepared rhetoric got stuck in the throat before it came out. I wanted to show off and exaggerated, but found that the gap between myself and Xia Pingan was not narrowed, not because I was leading, but bigger.

Yan Duo wants to die.

The expression on Yan Duo’s face was like opening a dye shop, a burst of green and a burst of red. Finally, Yan Duo smiled bitterly, his shoulders collapsed, and it was as soft as the big sofa in the carriage. On the seat, gu lu took a bottle of wine and gu lu poured himself a few sips before panting. Fiercely scolded himself, “If I compare with you in the future, I will be the biggest stupid in the world. X, you guy, you are simply a monster, how do I feel that the Sky Patching Project is for you…”

“Don’t have no desire to improve like that, your head is very useful!” Xia Pingan smiled.

“Damn it, sometimes I really want to split your head to see if something is different from ours!” Yan Duo smiled bitterly.

“Hehe, I guess you don’t have this chance!”

“No!” Yan Duo drank two sips of wine, remembering something again, and sat up suddenly, staring at Xia Pingan with burning eyes, both paws resting on Xia Pingan’s shoulders , “Honestly, who is the girl who is standing on the Peach Blossom Bridge with you today? I think that girl’s looks and temperament, top grade, is definitely not an ordinary person…”

“She is Caucao, her real name is Beitang Wangyou, and she is the princess of Dashang Country!” Since Yan Duo wanted to hear the truth, Xia Pingan did not hide it, and directly told Yan Duo of Cao Cao’s identity.

The expression on Yan Duo’s face solidified again, or was frustrated again, he stared at Xia Pingan blankly, “Princess, it turns out to be a princess, so you are…”

Being overtaken by Xia Pingan on the cultivation base, Yan Duo has recognized it. Didn’t expect in this respect, in term

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