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Glorious Summoner Chapter 276

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As soon as Fang Pu spoke, the air at the scene became a bit awkward, because Xia Pingan’s nominal “head boss” was standing by.

“Master Fang, what do you mean?” Upon hearing Fang Pu’s words, the old man with a white beard who was standing on the other side of Lin Yi, who looked taciturn and said nothing, said coldly, “Master Fang dug The corner dug up to our inspector and guard, when our inspector is no one…”

This old man is Zhang Tiange, the commander of the ruling army inspector and inspector.

Many of the inspection offices in the upper capital are nominally under the command of the ruling army inspectors. Zhang Tiange is also the direct boss of the inspectors. In fact, the inspectors rarely interfere in the affairs of the inspectors. , And because of some complicated reasons, although the inspectorate seems to have great power, the actual power is not so great. It is not considered high in the ruling army, and even the inspectors of the various inspection offices in the capital. The inspector and guard could not decide the specific candidates, and eventually evolved into the result of arbitrating the compromise of various forces inside and outside the army.

Fang Pu was able to dig people in front of the inspector and guard Zhang Tiange, which is enough to explain the position of the inspector and guard in the adjudication army.

Xia Pingan had not seen Zhang Tiange before taking up his post in the Superintendent’s Office. Later, he was taken away by the Attorney General. When he arrived at Pingshan Camp, he still hadn’t seen the name of the superior, the Superintendent in the Judging Army. The feeling is really low. If it weren’t for today’s incident, Xia Pingan hadn’t really seen what his immediate boss was like.

“Hahaha, Lord Zhang, don’t be angry. The inspectors are all talented and they are all serving for the adjudication army. How can you dig a corner? I think his summon storm cavalry is more suitable for battlefield rushing. In our War God Guard It’s just better to be able to give full play to one’s strengths!” Fang Pu explained with a smile.

“Huh…” Zhang Tiange was coldly snorted, but he didn’t say more.

“Don’t mention this. Xia Pingan has just arrived at the Donggang Inspection Office just a few days ago. It is not advisable to change positions frequently!” Lin Yi opened his mouth calmly and glanced at Fang Pu, and Fang Pu stopped. speak.

“Cough cough, sir, I remember that there are demon-blocking nets at the entrance of the Qin’an River, and experts of the ruling army are also stationed. Those water monsters do not know where they come from. Are there loopholes in the demon-blocking nets? ?” Xia Pingan opened his mouth, diverting everyone’s attention with a question.

“The demon nets at the mouth of the Qin’an River are all normal. Those water monsters were ca

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