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Glorious Summoner Chapter 274

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There are things in the Qin’an River, and they are rushing frantically from the downstream moved towards here, and there are so many things that they scared the fish away!

Just glanced at the frantically fleeing fish in the river below her feet, Mulanwei immediately made a judgment in her heart, which made Mulanwei’s heart tight for an instant, and finally knew that Xia Pingan was not joking with her.

“Call the ruling army headquarters, we people can’t handle it!” Xia Pingan’s long exhales one breath saying, staring at the rolling river in front of him, said to Mulanwei.

No matter what the woman’s attitude toward him was just now, at this time, both sides were comrades-in-arms, and Xia Pingan didn’t bother to care about the attitude of this woman just now.

Mu Lanwei glanced at Xia Pingan, no longer talk nonsense, and with a move of her hand, she took out a salute from the space equipment, lit it, and flicked it. The salute flew into the air and exploded in a burst. Several hundred meters high in the sky formed a red firework like a shield, which lasted for a long time, even in broad daylight, within tens of kilometers.

“How do you know that there is something in the water, what is that thing?” After sending out the signal, Mulanwei asked Xia Pingan a question.

“I first discovered that the fish in the water was not right. It was running up, indicating that there are many things in the water rushing towards the moved towards here…” Xia Pingan said casually. Of course, he was impossible to say about the Fushen Boy. Even if it’s Heavenly Eye’s ability, it’s better not to say, “I’m going to race a dragon boat here today. There are many people here. If there is something to do with the Blood Demon Religion, the loss will be too great, so I just had to use it in a hurry. Some means, please forgive me, inspector Mu!”

“Just now, I didn’t ask any questions about it, I just shot you, then it’s a tie…” Mu Lanwei also said cheerfully.

At this moment, the river outside several hundred meters in front of the two of them boiled, and countless drops of water began to jump on the surface of the water. The river water seemed to be boiled, and the boiling drops of water rolled from a distance. , In the sun, a densely packed black object can be vaguely seen underwater.

Then, in the next second, the hideous body of seven hundred water monsters suddenly emerged from the water.

Xia Pingan refers to the water monsters. The Black Tortoise, which was already ready to go, flew out from behind Xia Pingan and sank into the river. The billowing surface of the Qin’an River immediately froze. A thick layer of ice stretched out from under the feet of Xia Pingan and instantly froze a 500-meter-long section of the river. The hundreds of water monsters that just jumped out of the water were all frozen into

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