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Glorious Summoner Chapter 279

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The lower reaches of the Qin’an River, the mouth of the sea…

“There are corpses floating down again, wow, it’s still a water monster…”

“This is the seventieth fish caught by that boat…”

The marine police in the upper capital drove a few tú tú tú tú steamboats with black smoke, and hundreds of fishing boats that were temporarily organized, and they were salvaging the dead bodies that drifted down from the upper reaches of the Qin’an River. .

Seeing the corpse caught in the fishing net, the people on the fishing boat screamed again.

The corpses of the water monsters are piled up on the fishing boats. Some of the water monsters’ bodies are still intact, but there are some wounds in the vital parts, and there are a lot of water monsters’ bodies, that is zero. Broken and incomplete, water monsters with one head, one leg, and half a body are everywhere.

The corpse of the water monster has been soaked in water for an unknown period of time. The wound has become a little white. The muscles, internal organs, and intestines of the wound are like water plants soaked in water, swinging lifelessly with the waves, and there are some wounds. There are also traces of being gnawed by fish. Once the water monster’s hideous face becomes a corpse, it loses all its deterrence, and looks similar to the seafood slaughtered in the vegetable market.

The fishing boats that salvaged corpses were a little scared at first, but gradually, they got used to it.

There was a period of time just now, when the water of Qin’an River was flowing down from above, it was red.

The marine police, fishermen, those fishing on the shore, and the guests on the ship were all frightened.

Then, there was the corpse of the water monster flowing down from the upper reaches.

The people here finally know why Qin Anhe is red.

Because there is blood flowing in the river besides water, which can dye the whole river red.

On the upper reaches of Qin’an River, there must be a major event.

Someone has thought of the dragon boat race held today on the Qin’an River.

Where the red water flows, the panic will flow there.

But this panic did not last long, because soon everyone discovered that the corpses drifting down from the upper reaches were empty, only water monsters, and there were more and more water monsters, almost densely packed. , No human body can be seen.

As long as there are no human bodies in the river, no one is afraid.

Gradually, on the shore of the estuary, many people came to watch the excitement.

There are tens of thousands of people watching the excitement. Workers and residents of the nearby dockyard and shipyards, as well as those fishing and hanging out on the beach, all come over. Everyone gathers on both sides of the embankment of the sea entrance, facing the wate

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