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Glorious Summoner Chapter 277

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In the car, Xia Pingan and Yan Duo gave a heavy hug, and then both sides beat each other’s chest fiercely, and then laughed together.

Yes, Xia Pingan and Yan Duo feel the same. Seeing each other here, except for the hug, they both want to show each other fiercely.

This is the reunion of avoided a catastrophe. It is also the smile where friends can get together again, with joy, gratification, and the blessings of seeing their fellow travelers.

Join the Sky Patching Project and come to this World, and then see the familiar faces and the companions who are walking with you, it’s great!

The carriage drove on the street and started walking again. The curtains of the carriage were pulled, and the two chatted in the car and exchanged information.

“Didn’t expect problems in Space Crack. I almost thought I would never see you again. By the way, do you have any news from other people?” Yan Duo said with a smile, his face Although Shang is smiling, his eyes are a little red, covering everything with a smile.

“You are the first person I saw!” Xia Pingan was equally excited. Seeing Yan Duo at this time, I really felt the excitement of the Long March congregation, and I couldn’t express my emotions.

“In addition to the two of us, the other people who participated in the plan may be Wu Zhanfeng and Lin Qing who are living in Jinyuezhou. As for the others, there may have been accidents in Space Crack and have been passed on to different Place!”

“Ah, there are still them, how did you know?” Yan Duo looked surprised.

“I found out that the Blood Demon Religion was chasing us. They don’t know where they got our portraits. As long as they get our heads, they will have a big prize inside!”

“Why is Blood Demon Religion chasing us?” Yan Duo’s expression suddenly became serious.

“Blood Demon Religion has a close relationship with Demon Eye. You can understand it as the Demon Eye of this World. They worship Sovereign Demon God, and I suspect they may already know the purpose of our coming to this World. That’s why at all costs are stopping us, you have to be careful!” Xia Pingan looked at Yan Duo’s face after changing his face, “I thought you already knew it, so I deliberately made myself look like this!”

“Hehe, sure enough to be careful!” Yan Duo’s face showed a smug expression, “I don’t want to see who I am, am I that stupid? As soon as I landed, I found that Space Transmission had a problem. There were no people. I was completely in a strange place. I felt something wrong. Out of caution, I cut my hair and changed my face. By the way, my name is not Yan Duo now. I changed my name myself, called Yan Xiaoqi, a wandering summoner born and raised in Jinyuezhou, not a crossover, you will call me Yan Xiaoqi from now on!”

“Yan Xiaoqi, this name…” Xia Pingan rubbed her chin, feeling th

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