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Glorious Summoner Chapter 269

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Xia Pingan came out of the secret room, it was already the 3rd day after he entered the secret room.

During these three days, Xia Pingan was closed, merged, merged, merged again in the secret room.

The 30-odd beads have not yet been integrated. The upper limit of the divine force in Xia Pingan’s secret mandala has already broken through 3780 points. After soaking in the divine spring of the Four Suns, Xia Pingan has steadily advanced. Step into the Four Suns Realm.

This time soaking in the divine spring of the Siyang Realm took a very long time. It took almost a whole day for Xia Pingan’s body to fully absorb the divine spring of the Siyang Realm.

After soaking the divine spring of the Four Suns, merge the remaining few divine force beads. When Xia Pingan comes out of the secret room, the upper limit of the divine force in the secret mandala of Xia Pingan is already higher than The 3780 points of divine force required to advance to the Four Suns Realm is a full 110 points more, which has become 3890 points.

To break through to the Five Suns, the upper limit of divine force must be a breakthrough of 5250 points.

As you get to the back, it becomes more and more difficult to advance. On the one hand, more and more divine forces are needed for advancement, and more and more world beads need to be integrated. On the other hand, it is available on the market. There are fewer and fewer world beads that have not been fused, and the cost of finding those that have not been fused will be higher and higher.

This is the “summoner’s dilemma” that everyone knows-the huge gap between the needs of the world beads and the reality, which will make every step of the advanced summoner more difficult in the future.

Up to now, Xia Pingan has integrated nearly 100 world beads, and there are fewer and fewer world beads that can be seen on the market that can allow Xia Pingan to integrate.

Even if the ordinary summoner merges so many realm beads, because impossible is like Xia Pingan, it often blends perfectly, and occasionally there is a breakthrough fusion, so death is a three-yang realm, and so many realm beads are merged to advance to the four-sun realm , Looking at the entire upper capital city, it is estimated that there is no second one to come.

Out of the secret room, came to the small courtyard outside, the courtyard was sunny, just in the morning, a few thrush birds chirp chirp twitter twitter on the pomegranate tree, two dragonflies stopped flying on the lotus leaf in the pond Now, Xia Pingan let out a long breath and feels great.

I don’t know if I don’t advance to the Four Suns Realm. At this advancement, Xia Pingan felt that a mysterious and mighty force came from below the ground, covering the entire capital city, locking the summoner on the ground. .

Under this force, t

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