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Glorious Summoner Chapter 270

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Xia Pingan put down the tea cup, sat up a little bit, and had an expression of “friends surprised”, “Why Chief Li said this, making me unfathomable mystery!”

“That day, Master Xia took people to the Huang Mansion to hunt down the culprits. I shouldn’t listen to the slander and set up a card to block Master Xia’s subordinates and carts and horses. I was wrong. Please also ask Master Xia to see that we belong to half a colleague. For good reason, let me go…” Li Chaoming struggled to finish saying this, his forehead was overflowing with sweat.

In the past few days, Li Chaoming also struggled and wanted to solve it through other methods, but in the end he considered it and found that with the temperament and strength of Xia Pingan, if he did not bow his head, he would always be stiff with Xia Pingan. Going down, his result is just dead end.

Now Xia Pingan just seized Jinming Trading Company, and has already pinched his weakness, and can make the matter bigger at any time. If this matter is not resolved, solve Perfection, and wait until Xia Pingan goes further and the position is higher. , The hatred we forged with Xia Pingan today may become a noose around my neck in the future.

In the officialdom of the upper capital, if you offend someone who shouldn’t be offended, you should bow your head and admit your mistakes without shame. As for the cruel words, they are just for myself. In front of the inspectors of the ruling army, he was not the turn of a police chief to behave ruthlessly. Although the positions of the two sides looked similar, one side was a summoner and the other was a policeman. The difference was big…

Seeing that Li Chaoming confessed his mistake, Xia Pingan no longer circled with Li Chaoming and said directly, “Okay, since you confessed your mistake and know where you were wrong, then I will not force you to Danger Land. I’ll give you a chance. My style is that gratitude and grudges are clear, and I’ve never been vague!”

“Many thanks, you forgive me…” Li Chaoming lifts the head, wiping the cold sweat on his forehead.

“Okay, the things seized by Jinming Trading Company will not be refunded. All confiscated will be paid. Your little brother-in-law will stay in my cell for three months. I won’t let him suffer. You stayed for three months. In June, I found a reason and let him go. The Jinming Trading Company is over. I will not investigate it anymore. In the future, Jinming Trading Company can continue to do business in this Donggang District. How about you continue to make your fortune? ?”

Li Chaoming’s liver was trembling, and the fat on both sides of his cheeks was a little bit ashamed. Those hundreds of thousands of Gold Coins and money would be gone if they weren’t. Those money, even for him A large number is not a decimal, but he also knows that he doesn’t bleed and

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