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Glorious Summoner Chapter 273

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As soon as the water monster army moved in the river, the person wearing the golden grimace mask twisted his body at the bottom of the lake. In the blink of an eye, he turned into a big black fish again, moving towards the lower reaches of the Qin’an River and swam quickly. And the Fushen boy followed him, riding on the big fish that the person incarnates, and the person didn’t notice it.

The speed of the water monster in the river is too fast.

At a distance of two kilometers, it looks like it can be rushed in about three or four minutes.

On the Peach Blossom Bridge, the crowds on both sides of the pier were a little commotion. Xia Pingan’s warning was effective. The police and the summoner of the Supervision Department have begun to evacuate the crowd.

But the crowd was unwilling to leave. They didn’t know the danger was coming. Some people quarreled with the police who kept order.

At the pier, a large swath of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Purple color smoke was released from a row of salutes. The dragon boat team of the competition was clamoring for drums, and they had already drawn out of the pier and started. Moving quickly on the river, the cheers on the bank and the river suddenly became deafening.

Seeing that the dragon boat team had begun to slide, the crowd of onlookers were even more reluctant to leave. The evacuation of the police and the inspection department caused a small riot.

I rely on!

It’s too late!

Can only use some extraordinary means.

Xia Pingan clenched the teeth and stomped her feet, her voice could only change loudly roared, “Blood Demon Religion…Blood Demon Religion is corpse poison… corpse poison… everyone run away…”, Xia Pingan’s voice It was huge. When it came out, Xia Pingan took out a pistol and fired three shots directly at the sky.

In the sound of gunshots, he had already displayed the Illusion Technique of “Banhuo Opera Princes”. I saw that among the crowds on both sides of the Peach Blossom Bridge and the pier, in the blink of an eye, many people infected with corpse poison took off. He came out, with red eyes, grabbed the people around him and started to gnaw frantically.

For a while, blood was splashing in the crowd, and brains were flying. The people infected with corpse poison in Illusion Technique were like wild beasts. They began to bite and bite people around them alive, bite their necks, and suck blood. Yes, those who bite off their hands, swallow their eyes and eat their brains, dig their hearts and cut their livers, cut their stomachs and eat their intestines, all kinds of bloody and disgusting scenes all at once came.

“Blood Demon Religion… Corpse Poison…”

“Run, there is corpse poison…”

“Blood Demon Religion killed…”

“Blood Demon Religion is poisoning the corpse…”

The crowds on

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