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Glorious Summoner Chapter 271

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Peach Blossom Bridge vast crowd.

On the side of the pier near the Taohua Bridge, dragon boats are on the water, and the participating teams are gearing up.

The name of the Peach Blossom Bridge sounds very romantic, but the bridge is not small, but a huge steel arch bridge across the Qin’an River. There are railroad tracks on the bridge, which can pass by rail vehicles.

Because of the dragon boat race today, there are not many people gathered here.

The Peach Blossom Bridge is in the Huilong District of the upper capital. When Xia Pingan came, he was shocked by the excitement here. The square next to the Peach Blossom Bridge and on both sides of the dock for the dragon boat race, the people on the bridge, were overwhelmed with darkness. One piece, at a glance, it’s like going to a fair during the Chinese New Year. There are too many people, at least seventy to eighty thousand people.

The police in black uniforms are still somewhat useful at this time. One by one policemen blowing their whistles and holding red batons are struggling to maintain order here. There are many places on the streets, squares and bridges. All have pulled up the cordon.

There are many cruise ships leaning on the side of the wide Qin’an River, waiting for the dragon boat to start.

For those who sit on the cruise ship to watch the dragon boat, some have bought tickets long ago, and some are either rich or expensive.

It must be difficult for ordinary person to find someone in such a place, but for Xia Pingan, he just used the “remote vision” ability to search, and he saw the hasty in an instant.

Cao Cao is on the Peach Blossom Bridge, occupying a good position to watch the dragon boat, and on tiptoe, trying to find himself among the surrounding people.

Well, hastily changed into a blue dress, with a beautiful wreath on her head, her hair tied with a red silk scarf with a beautiful bow, her black hair hanging down her shoulders, it looks ecstatic, Beautiful and moving, there is a different kind of beauty in the turbulent crowd.

From a closer look, among the people around the grass, there are a few experts who pretend to be ordinary persons to guard, so although there are a lot of people around, they are relatively loose around the grass, and everything is unmarked. It seems unconscious.

There are so many young men and women who come here to watch the dragon boat…

Just when Xia Pingan saw the hassle, among the crowd, the two youngsters who were watching the excitement also saw the hassle, eyes shined. After looking at each other, they showed the smile of harboring malicious intentions. On both sides of the bridge moved towards hastily squeezed.

Hastily found nothing wrong at all, still looking around…

Then, suddenly there was a silhouette on the bridge flying into the air…

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