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Glorious Summoner Chapter 268

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Let Xinling Lord Wei Wuji greet him in a car, even if it is King Wei Anli, he has no such face.

Seeing Mr. Xinling standing next to the carriage with his bridle in his hand, for a moment, city gate absolute silence.

At this time, Xia Pingan, in full view, without the slightest humility, went straight into the carriage and sat on the left side of Yuzhe with the gown.

Mr. Xinling also got on the carriage, sat on the right side of Xia Pingan, flicked the rein, and was ready to return to the house while riding the carriage. The waiter of Lord Xinling also followed closely on the carriage behind.

“Young Master, another friend of mine is selling meat in the butcher shop in the front market, I want to visit him, and then go to your house for a banquet!” Xia Pingan said to Lord Xinling.

Mr. Xinling glanced at Xia Pingan, slightly smiled, “Is it the east market of Liangang?”

“Well, yes, turn left at the intersection ahead!”

Mr. Xinling drove and turned left at the intersection ahead. The carriage ran on the road for a while and arrived at the east city of Daliang City.

This meat-selling place is the market place in the city. It is noisy and messy, and there are small merchants and hawkers everywhere. When Mr. Xinling arrived in his car, the whole market was a sensation, and countless people ran out to watch.

Zhu Hai has a pork stall here. He is chopping bones with a knife. Every time he goes down, his muscles are trembling.

Xia Pingan got out of the car and went directly to Zhu Hai’s meat stall to chat with Zhu Hai. And Mr. Xinling was still on the street, standing next to the carriage, waiting with his bridle in his hand.

“Old man, Mr. Xinling drove you a car…” Zhu Hai changed his bones, raised his head and talked to Xia Pingan, “I still want you to come over for a drink today!”

“Hahaha, I won’t drink with you today, I will go to Lord Xinling’s house Hah!”

“The wine in the Mansion of Lord Xinling is delicious here for me?”

“I haven’t drunk it, I don’t know!”

“It’s not good for you to go empty-handed like this. You eat and drink for nothing. Do you want to bring a waist to the meeting ceremony…” Zhu Hai joked.

“I won’t take it, next time you bring it to him…” Xia Pingan and Zhu Hai brag, chatting without a word, and the two haha ​​laughed.

Mr. Xinling watched not far away, the expression on his face was always gentle and polite, without the slightest impatience.

Xia Pingan glanced at Lord Xinling, and said to her heart that the bearing of this Lord Xinling is very much comparable to that of people. If the average person has a little accomplishment, his nostril must be moved towards the sky when he walks, where can he be like Xinling. Jun like this.

Mr. Xinling’s attitude remained unchanged, but the waiters who followed Mr. Xinling gla

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