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Glorious Summoner Chapter 243

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“In Donggang District, adults can earn some hard money in these places, but adults also know that there are many nobles in the capital, and those nobles also have various businesses and various businesses, especially in docks, ports, and ships. There are some businesses in warehouses, insurance shops, wine shops, and clubs. These nobles cannot earn money. They have their own relationships. For the sake of their own future, adults should always take care of them. If it is the business of these nobles If you encounter any troubles, you still need adults to help settle them. This can last for a long time. Of course, the shopkeeper bosses who make money for these nobles are also shrewd people and will not take the initiative to make trouble for the adults. There are also some etiquettes in normal times, and everyone gets along! “

Situ Hua obediently and honestly said clearly what money can be made and what money cannot be made.

Xia Pingan nodded, I probably understood, “What are the specific businesses run by the nobles in the capital?”

“There are Dachang, Shangxingshe, Deshunlong, Pingyun Business Group, Shangjingbaohang, Quzhang Wharf, Donggang Pier 7 to 21, Shunyi Liquor, Passion Liquor, Anzi Bank, Four Seas Shipping Club…” Situ Hua was like a few treasures, his mouth was like pouring beans, and the crash-bang said seventy-eighty in one breath, “If there is anything in the business of these nobles, the adults will either pretend to be invisible, or Just ask someone to remind you from the side, don’t go into a big fight!”

“Okay, I get it!” Xia Pingan nodded, slightly smiled, “What are the usual incomes and salaries of other people in the inspection department?”

“The usual income of the Inspection Office is divided into two parts, one part is the appropriation of the ruling army, about 17,000 Gold Coins per year. This money is to maintain the inspection office’s daily expenses and everyone’s apparent salary, like me If it is, the monthly salary of the Supervision Office is 59 Gold Coins, the summoner of Yiyang Realm only has 39 Gold Coins, and the adults have 89 Gold Coins. The salary of other people in the Supervision Department is not much compared to ours. , But among the ordinary persons in Shangjingcheng, they are also high-income. Not bad. Except for this fixed salary, everyone’s other income comes from the bonus for handling the case!”

Haha, the summoner who didn’t expect this world is also superstitious, like 9, I don’t know if the superstitious habit of the summoner on Earth passed from this world, Xia Pingan said secretly.

“Oh, how do you get the bonus for handling the case?”

“This is very simple. For example, the adults found a group of cultists in the Donggang District who were endangering the capital city. After those cultists were cleared out, there would naturally be s

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