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Glorious Summoner Chapter 241

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Looking at the flying Fireball, Wei Meiyu’s eyes widened suddenly, with a trace of horror on her face, she yelled, “Sister Qin, don’t…”

Of course Xia Pingan wouldn’t let that Fireball hit her head.

Just when the Fireball flew to Xia Pingan’s side and was about to hit Xia Pingan’s head, Xia Pingan just turned his head and didn’t see any movement from him. A small water shield appeared in the air.

The flying Fireball hit the water shield. The water shield changed from a shield shape to a spherical shape. It immediately wrapped the Fireball. There was no explosion or fluctuation, just a light “chi” in the air. With a sound, it was like a red needle falling into the water, the Fireball and the water ball disappeared at the same time, and everything disappeared invisible and peaceful, as if nothing had happened.

The woman who used the Fireball Technique startedled. Of course she knew that her Fireball Technique would not kill anyone, but she could use the Water Element’s Summoning Spell to annihilate the Fireball without exploding. The fireball’s flames and water vapor did not escape at all. , The water shield also deformed once from the shield shape to the spherical shape, so it was just right, there was no smoke, it was the first time she saw it.

expert, absolute expert! A single thought flashed in the woman’s heart, but Wei Meiyu said that the scumbag who entangled her just became a summoner. Even if he could master a little Water Element’s Summoning Spell method, the control of the magic method was impossible to be so precise and subtle.

Xia Pingan looked at the woman with long red hair, wearing a leather trench coat, and a hot body, but her lips were slightly thicker, but she looked more sexy, and she had some exotic feelings all over her, said in a tranquil voice, “Girl, if you use Fireball Technique on a person so indiscriminately, it might be fatal…”

“Sister Qin, he, he is my friend, not the man…” Wei Meiyu quickly explained with a nervous patted chest.

The red-haired woman was stared at by Xia Pingan and was also somewhat guilty, but on the surface she was indifferent and shrugged, “Is it wrong, ah, then sorry, you a big man has not lost his roots, no Isn’t it so stingy? By the way, your Water Element’s Summoning Spell method is pretty good. Who did you learn it from?”

“Self-taught!” Xia Pingan slightly smiled, leaving the little thing behind.

The red-haired woman came over, glanced at Xia Pingan, and then at Wei Meiyu, with an expression like “I understand” on her face, and said directly to Xia Pingan, “The inspection office is the main point. The place where the army handles the case is not allowed to enter. You are too courageous. You dare to come here to look for Meiyu. Don’t take it as an example, and leave quickly. The old man Luo is also true. He actually dar

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